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1/25/11 7:33:47AM
At least that's what Dana White said recently. "We were actually trying to hook [Silva] up with Brian Stann. He doesn't want to fight Brian Stann. He's like, 'F*** that; everybody is going to hate me if I fight Brian Stann. Everybody loves Brian Stann.' But that's the fight we're trying to make right now." Stann spoiled a planned Silva-Chris Leben fight by beating Leben at UFC 125, then he called out Silva.

1/25/11 9:29:53AM
hmmmmm i hope it happens stann suprised me but i hope he doesn't do it again if these 2 fight
1/25/11 9:38:59AM
I would much rather see Wand vs Leben or Akiyama. The stann fight will become a grapplefest/borefest and I don't think Wandy has many more fights left in his career. As a Wanderlei fan this is not one of the matchups I want to see IF he only fights a few more times.
1/25/11 10:00:40AM
id rather see silva vs leben... plus i think stann needs 1 or 2 more solid wins over reputable people to prove his leben fight wasnt just an off night for leben or something... im not convinced or on the stannwagon
1/25/11 11:20:04AM
You can tell how much fans mean to Wanderlei... I would however rather see Wand/Leben
1/25/11 1:33:05PM
Stann should fight Nate and Wandy gets Vitor (win or lose against Silve) in Brazil!
1/25/11 3:32:55PM
no offense to brian stann but i dont think he belongs in there with wanderlei silva, even at silva's age and he would get ktfo in round 1. hell i would pick leben over stann again when leben isnt fighting him sick.
1/25/11 4:17:22PM
I definitely would not pick Leben over Stann, Leben is FAR too confident in his chin, he's too wreckless...
Great chin, yes. Doesn't mean you should continuously leave it exposed, especially against power punchers. It's one thing to do it against Bisping, but when you do it against a guy with decent KO power, you'll get rocked, i don't care who you are.
1/25/11 7:16:03PM
I don't care who he fights
I just wanna see wandy fight!!
1/25/11 7:56:32PM
I personally feel that at this point, Stann could probably KTFO Silva. Stann has been at Jackson's camp for a minute now, and I forgot about that when picking Leben to win....

Stann is quite a physical specimen, and has some serious, serious power. He is with one of the best fight camps in the game, and trains with world class mixed martial artists all day.

I feel Stann is coming along nicely, and Wandy is in the twilight of his career. Unless Silva came out like the Axe Murderer of old, Stann would stomp him out.
2/22/11 4:15:52PM
Wandy is back! WAR SILVA!
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