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12/25/08 7:18:54AM
I know they both have a strong wrestling base. who has the advantage on the feet? believe Massenzio is bettter at subs.. Hes an underdog of +120 and i think has a great shot at beating cb.. thoughts?
12/25/08 7:35:02AM
i think he does too so much that todaY IN VEGAS i am staying away from that match when i do my paRLAY BET AT MGM
12/25/08 10:59:26AM
I haven't seen much of Massenzio but he has a solid record and CB has been caught in submissions before, twice to Amir so it should be a good fight.
12/25/08 12:07:17PM
Picking CB but putting money on Mike with my parley of Blackburn and Al-Turk
12/25/08 12:58:11PM
Ive got C.B but won't be suprised if Massenzio wins.
12/25/08 4:57:09PM
dollaway by tko
12/25/08 8:57:11PM
ive got cb....his striking is the far better of the two....his wrestling is better....subs, id give to massenzio but i believe that with cb fighting out of arizona combat sports that he has developed his sub defense by leaps and bounds....he did get caught by amir, but everybody on the show did, and all of them were more experienced fighters than in my mind, that doesnt really matter cuz is just mma math.....since its a battle of two outstanding wrestlers, i think it will be a battle on the feet for the most part, with cb taking it
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