CB Dollaway vs. Tom Lawlor Set For UFC 100

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3/25/09 4:27:56PM
Another matchup of TUF alumni is set for later this year, with TUF 7 runner-up CB Dollaway facing TUF 8 alum Tom Lawlor at UFC 100. Lawlor will be dropping to MIddleweight for this fight after previously fighting at Light Heavyweight.

3/25/09 4:32:15PM
3/25/09 4:54:31PM
Really? I'd like this fight on the undercard of a fight night, but not UFC 100
3/25/09 5:23:43PM

Posted by ncordless

Really? I'd like this fight on the undercard of a fight night, but not UFC 100

i have a sneaking suspicion that we will not see this fight barring a huge finish, cb takes it by decision.
3/25/09 5:24:09PM
I guess I hope CB wins.
3/25/09 6:11:12PM
I'm not a big fan of either guy...but I am gonna have to go with CB.
3/25/09 6:30:16PM
I'd like to see this fight on the under card... of a fight night... at a local show in Arkansas or wherever they put on crappy cards with fighters no one cares about...

3/25/09 6:37:13PM
boring fight, i think neither is truely ufc quality and truely believe the loser should be outta the ufc...
3/25/09 7:32:53PM
CB beats him, dont think Lawlor belongs in ufc
3/25/09 8:14:10PM
who cares about either of these guys.....
3/25/09 9:05:09PM
Psh talk about haters. CB is def. a UFC caliber fighter! I can't even beleive some of these posts! Im sorry but CB is a great MW fighter who is def. working to be in the top at that weight. Dollaway just handle Mike Massenzio who is the only person to beat Dan Miller....you know the guy everyone is loving lately. Now i know just as much as the next person MMA math doesn't work but Dollaways is a fantastic wrestler and his striking looked very good in the Massenzio fight until he got dropped but still its quite crisp. I may be a Dollaway fan but come on people to say he doesn't deserve to be in the UFC is ridiculous imo.
3/25/09 10:21:23PM
i thought cb would get a better opponent than tom
3/25/09 10:56:36PM
I think CB belongs in the UFC, but I just didnt really like his personality on TUF. As long as I dont have to hear him talk and can just watch him fight, then im good.
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