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9/3/08 1:20:23AM
“Well I had hoped to entice you into taking a personal interest in things.”

“That’s an insult to both of us. It makes me stupid, and you a whore.”

While that might sound like the negotiations between Randy Couture and Dana White, it’s actually dialog from a movie about a martial arts warrior trying to bring down an evil syndicate known as “The Octagon.”

Talk about life imitating art.

Randy Couture is back in the UFC … and on Dana’s terms. For those of you who are furiously typing your dissent, don’t bother. Anything less than Couture vs. Emelianenko should be seen as a total failure for “The Natural” and all of his crusaders.

That’s not to say that Couture doesn’t benefit because he obviously does. I’m sure the financials of his three-fight contract are quite lucrative and he now gets to participate in the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) of all time.

Those aren’t my words, they’re Dana’s.

9/3/08 10:00:03AM
u mean the chuck norris movie
9/3/08 10:05:04AM
WOW The Octagon came on AMC yesterday and it was TIGHT!!!!
9/3/08 11:14:18AM
they could have had shogun vs rampage in nov kept it in portland and just had couture vs lesnar as part main event in dec in vegas
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