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10/5/09 5:47:01AM
Seems we do yahoo fantasy football, baseball and hockey..wondering if anyones interested in doing basketball
10/5/09 7:16:58AM
I tried to start one last year (I think) but there wasn't enough interest. I'm willing to give it another shot if enough people want in, preferably at least 6.
10/5/09 8:54:50AM
i'll play H2H, 10-12 teams, on Yahoo or ESPN.
10/5/09 9:49:41AM
i'm in, let me know if you guys start one
10/5/09 4:57:08PM
Yea I will get a team or two on Yahoo if you guys decide to do it there..... Its fun getting in the Fantasy leagues with the MMAplayground members....
10/7/09 4:21:54AM
Hey guys i got a league on espn that needs filling. Im from Sydney Australia so if you don't mind the time difference for the draft then pm me your email so i can send you an invite. Thanks
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