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3/4/09 8:17:00PM
I can't decide if this video is flat out hilarious, or just really sad. Either way, it'll make you laugh and then cry, and who can ask for more than that?!
3/4/09 8:20:42PM
i thought it was funny as hell
3/5/09 2:15:16AM
Ha ha I'm a total dog guy so I feel kinda bad for the little guy just because he looked so lost after he hit the wall but you gotta figure that he was havin a good dream, probably about bacon, bitches, and biting the mailman.

Good boy now go fix the hole you just put in my wall
3/6/09 5:17:58AM
funniest thing iv seen in a long time and i love dogs, probably didn't hurt him self too muct if that wall was made of plaster board
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