Who doesen't fight up to their potential??

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4/24/07 9:32:26PM
I'd like to add Andrei Arlovski. He's actually pretty well-rounded, has better strikes than almost all of his opponents and is as athletic as you get as a HW.
His head isn't where it should be in the octagon. He doesn't seem confident enough.
10/2/07 1:45:49PM
Cro cop
10/2/07 2:15:59PM
Terry Martin is pretty hit and miss. I'd chalk it up to him not having a well rounded game but he looses to strikers as often as he knocks them out.
10/2/07 3:50:48PM
no one comes close to randleman IMO in terms of not living up to their potential. he is as athletic as anyone in any weight class, and has an unbelievable wrestling pedigree, but never became a great mixed martial artist, he was always pretty good but just never seemed to reach "greatness".

rizzo, penn, and AA all could have been more dominant, but IMO all were "great ones" at one time or another while the monster never quite got there.
10/2/07 6:25:05PM
Penn doesnt train hard enough though he still wins. Also I think Roger Huerta doesnt just because hes still fighting lower guys and knows he can get away with cutting corners that put him at risk.
10/2/07 8:11:02PM
im gonna go out on a limb here and say sylvia. He wins but we know he can KO people yet he sticks to a one two combo all day long.
10/3/07 11:46:01AM

Posted by nate22

Talent starts diminishing when you lose to Matt Hughes,

Except when your name is Georges. lol

Personally, I don't know how any of us would know the potential of any of these fighters provided they train hard.

The only two guys that I have heard that don't train to their potential are Ninja Rua and BJ Penn.
10/3/07 11:48:12AM

Posted by Rush

Posted by nate22

Talent starts diminishing when you lose to Matt Hughes

Unless your name is GSP.

OMG I just realized I said this 6 months ago.
10/3/07 1:27:18PM
At the moment

Cro Cop
Ray Sefo
10/3/07 3:55:45PM
Kevin Randleman(could be #1 one in the world but he loses 50% of his gas tank doing that pre warm up jumping and shifting his feet so he gases and loses)

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