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6/10/07 2:12:21AM
Hey everyone what up. I have been searching for a good MMA site today and I think this one is a sure top 5. While I'm thinking about it, if anyone knows why UFC.com eliminated their fantasy fight league i'd like to know. Also If anyone knows more info on a possible Lidell Vs. Wanderlai Silva get at me on that one as well. other than that i look forward to moving up the food chain here in the leagues so good luck to ya'll!
6/10/07 2:41:58AM
Dude, i havent heard "what up doe" for about 15 years. man am i old.
6/10/07 3:15:36AM
And I havent heard it once in my life.
6/10/07 7:33:37AM

And I havent heard it once in my life.

Me either, but Welcome to the playground!
6/20/07 9:04:37PM
have nvr heard it b4
6/20/07 9:11:29PM
man, you guys are young and im old. spent a lot of time in west tampa and the east side of milwaukee as a kid. popular term 15 - 20 years ago.
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