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4/23/07 11:54:10PM

To the director of the department of medicine and physiotherapy of CBLA, Fabio Périssé, who watched the fight live on television, the UFC fighter could end up on ice from three to six months. “I would like to have seen the way he walked away from the octagon, or the way he stood up. I can't say with 100% surety, but I don’t think anything too serious happened with his leg, maybe just a slight twist of the ankle. The main problem I took note of was his right knee. From the way he fell, there is a great risk that he injured his ACL and meniscus,” said Fabio.

“There is a chance, of course, that he is gifted with great flexibility, but I believe he actually tore those ligaments. If he truly suffered a tear to the ACL and decides to operate, which would be the ideal treatment, he will not fight for six months,” said the physiotherapist in his verdict. “If he decides not to operate and to take the conservative approach, which would be less advisable, he could end up not fighting for three to four months."

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