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1/7/14 3:57:47PM
Dr. Steven Sanders, Anderson Silva's surgeon says it will be a might long time before Anderson Silva throws another leg kick.

1/7/14 4:05:57PM
" will be a might long time..."

Journalists these days seem to be getting worse and worse

As far as Anderson goes, I honestly don't expect him to fight again, and if he does I'd be surprised if he actually won no matter who they put him up against. If he loses everyone will just say "well obviously it' because of the injury," which I don't necessarily disagree with, but if that is the case than he shouldn't be coming back at all. Hopefully if he does it'll be because he's at 100%, but I don't think that will stop people from making excuses if he does lose.

I love the guy, but why bother coming back? I just don't see the point. He doesn't need the money and he has nothing to prove. He certainly won't come back and beat Weidman, so why return at all?
1/7/14 5:43:10PM
i think it'll be longer than a year. He should just hang em up ffs.
1/7/14 7:00:45PM
Bold prediction: Anderson challenges Vitor for the belt Super Bowl 2015 weekend after winning a fight late this year.
1/7/14 8:03:22PM
He's got 2legs. Just throw the good one
1/7/14 8:38:01PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

He's got 2legs. Just throw the good one

Says a true warrior
1/7/14 10:43:11PM
I wonder if Anderson will ever WANT to throw a leg kick ever again. we could see him take that completely out of his game if he does indeed come back.
1/8/14 3:31:50AM
I wonder if that nervous new guy tells Anderson to go break a leg!

Seriously Though I hope the best for Anderson, I think he's one of those freak athletes that will surprise everyone with his recovery time. I just hope he doesn't injury something else in the process.
1/8/14 10:56:30AM
I don't think he fights at all this year
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