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9/23/07 2:57:13AM
Spose I need to introduce myself. I'm 19 years old, born and raised in New York but moved to South Carolina a month after 9/11. Spent 2 years in the Army Nat. Guard, my MOS was 11Charlie (mortar infantry) in the 1st Battalion 118th Infantry Regiment in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Been following UFC since I was a little kid, learned about it from watching WWF wrestling Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn were WWF wrestlers so I wanted to watch their UFC fights, was hooked ever since. As far as MMA experience goes, uhh, I took like 3 years in TKD and another year in boxing, nothing really worth bragging about. Oh, and the "DJ Baby Bear" comes from when I was a shoutcast radio DJ and people always told me I sounded like Baby Bear from sesame street because I can't pronounce my R's. Kinda like Elmer Fudd, cept not that bad.
9/23/07 9:21:54AM
Welcome aboard. Nice mini bio... thanks for serving our country.

That Bear story is funny because I've been compared to Little Bear all my life.