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2/7/08 11:43:05AM
where will the middle weight division be 5 yrs from now henderson is 37 silva is 32 who do you guys think will be holding the title around that time some people to consider maybe Ed Herman,Nate Marquardt,Jason MacDonald any other fighters come to mind?
2/7/08 11:54:39AM
In this sport, it might well be guys fighting as amateurs or stil training at the moment. If they are still fighting, Josh Koschek, Karo Parisyian, Jon Fitch and George St. Pierre would all be in their prime and probably would be struggling to make 170 5 years from now. Out of guys currently fighting at MW Yushin Okami, Robbie Lawler, Paulo Filho and Thales Leites are some of the better young fighters who are already well into their careers. Whether they will still be fighting--and fighting at the same weight--5 years from now is not that sure a thing.
2/7/08 11:55:24AM
Seriously? That's a long way down the line to look. But I'll throw a name out there:

How about Demian Maia? He's a young guy that is quickly moving up the MW rankings and could be around for a long time. So I'll say him. Other than that, I really have no idea. I guess there are some middle of the road guys now that could still be around in 5 years, but you just never know. Maia is my pick.
2/7/08 12:01:06PM
Maia is a great pick...

Any strikers in the WW division (granted theres not many) as they get older will move up in weight, to fight slower fighters. So in 5 years... maybe georges st. pierre.

Unfortunately 170 is a wrestler dominated weight class...
4/21/08 4:46:58PM
No one mentioned Okami...insanity

I think Okami can take anyone in the MW division, even Anderson and Hendo on a good night.

Patrick Cote is also a solid fighter in the MW division
as well as Marquardt
Thales Leites
Kendall Grove
and ya a few more i'm too lazy to put down
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