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8/27/08 12:43:22PM

Posted by cowcatcher

im not trying to add fuel to the argument here, but with all this quoting of wikipedia i have to say something. wikipedias articles are written by anyone and everyone, and often times should be taken with a grain of salt, so anyone that uses wiki as their main source of evidence in an argument doesnt exactly have concrete proof of anything. for 2 months if you wiki'd my name(which a major league ball player shares with me, im older though) it said that i was the greatest man ever created and all kinds of other truths about me, but some clown ended up putting this ballplayers info in there and now my contribution is gone. point is, just about anything can get printed there and it doesnt mean its true......except the parts about me being great

i agree but i made sure that all articles pertaining to Sherk getting his title stripped were referenced by a verified article from a reliable mma site.
8/28/08 5:41:10AM

Posted by Aether

"Pulver was the best I can say to the best LW in the world, and BJ dominated him yes, but Jens also got KO'd by an almost knobody at the time, I think Pulver is a lil past his prime and 8 times out of 10, Pulver beats BJ."

Sorry but that quote right there... well first off the beginning of the sentence I can't even understand, but secondly I think that's a pretty insane claim to make given how their recent fight went. Evidence suggests that BJ would actually be the one to beat Pulver 8 times out of 10. Maybe even more like 9/10.

Your points about him not wanting certain fights, I don't really see that happening. He wants to challenge himself and avenge his only unavenged loss(other than machida, that fight is obviously not happening again though), it's understandable that he would want to fight GSP. I think any fighter would want to fight the only guy that ever beat him unavenged. It's not like he's refusing fights, he just wants to challenge himself and avenge his loss. If he can do that WHILE defending the lightweight belt then I see no problem with it. If he can't do both then he needs to pick one or the other and an interim title can be set up at lightweight and the world keeps spinning.

I get sort of what you're saying but he's not refusing fights, he's just asking for fights that he thinks will be the most challenging. Who wouldn't want to challenge themselves? He's proven he's championship material in both divisions so he should be put up against fighters that are on his level. That basically means GSP.

Well said.
8/28/08 5:17:32PM
Is this really 5 pages for ppl to whine because BJ is so good they can't stand it?
8/29/08 11:47:47AM
^ Straight UP!

8/30/08 1:25:31PM
BJ Penn makes my blood boil i cant wait to see GSP bring him down a peg or 2.
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