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8/27/12 5:15:51PM
You guys selected the Triathalon for me to participate in so to remind you of the pain your gonna put me through I'm setting up this thread.

Sprint: 400 metre Swim - 25km(15.5m) Cycle - 5km(3.1m) Run
Olympic: 1500 metre Swim - 40km(24.8m) Cycle - 10km(6.2m) Run

So here we go!

Wednesday 08.22.12
304 Days till Sprint
332 Days till Olympic

1500m Swam - 400m in 9:30 minutes, 1500m in 65 minutes.


Thursday 08.23.12
303 Days till Sprint
331 Days till Olympic

16k(10m) Run in 1:46 Hour


Monday 08.27.12
299 Days till sprint
327 Days till Olympic

1500m Swim - 400m in 7:20 minutes, 1500m in 45 minutes
8/27/12 9:29:17PM
keep up the good work, i like the log.

which event is the hardest/easiest for you? i always hear swimming is the toughest
8/27/12 10:10:43PM
Jay you are a machine! You are putting up great numbers
8/28/12 4:10:35AM
Thanks P$!

Posted by tcunningham

keep up the good work, i like the log.

which event is the hardest/easiest for you? i always hear swimming is the toughest

Given I'm still training for a half marathon, I'd say the easiest is the running. However I'm currently distance running instead of sprinting, so things will change.

I used to swim a lot when I was young like 10-14. As my sister was a national swimmer and was swimming 8 days a week so I was taken to the pool as well, I quit because I wasnt really ever successful looking back at my times from when I was young and now that I'm 6'3 with a 78 inch reach... I shouldn't have stopped... But the area I lived in was so good I never won, so I lost interest, had I have been brought up, pretty much anywhere else in the country, I too would have been a national swimmer.

I haven't swam in 7 years but I know what I'm doing so its not the hardest!

The hardest is cycling haha, I hate it! Lol, Ive had to order a new bike because I blame my bike for why I hate it so much haha! I had it when I was 13, so it's small, heavy and an off road bike, hopefully the new one will come soon though

But as of right now, I have to say cycling
8/28/12 9:36:44AM
Look what came this morning:

8/28/12 9:46:02AM
What I can't believe is that the USA still hasn't converted to the metric system! I have no idea if you're doing well or not!!!

Keep working hard dude!
8/28/12 9:59:50AM
Hahaha!!! I'm only writing it in Kilometres so you people understand me!!! Arghhh haha I'll write it twice lol 1 mile is 1.6km
8/31/12 3:42:49AM
Thursday 08.30.12

295 Days till Sprint
324 Days till Olympic

17.8k (11m) Run in 1:59 hours
9/3/12 4:35:42PM

291 Days till Sprint
320 Days till Olympic

9.8k (6m) Run in 1:09 hours
9/4/12 4:43:43PM
Rode my new bike for the first time today and first time I've rode a bike in over a year.... If not longer


Tuesday 09.04.12

290 Days till Sprint
319 Days till Olympic

15.11k (9.3m) Cycle in 58 minutes
9/15/12 9:52:50AM

283 Days till Sprint
311 Days till Olympic

6.9k (4.3m) Run in 41 minutes


My parents are driving me 300+ Miles now for me to run 13.1 miles tomorrow!
9/15/12 4:00:28PM
You're doing great Jay. Keep up the hard work
9/16/12 9:45:36AM

Posted by kopower

You're doing great Jay. Keep up the hard work

Thanks man!!!


Will upload pictures later but I did it!!!


280 Days till Sprint
308 Days till Olympic

James completed the Bupa Great North Run in 02:20:18.

Half Marathon: 13.1m/21k
9/16/12 11:04:47AM
mad respect brother, keep it up, we're pulling for you man
9/25/12 4:23:40PM

5.06 miles - 49:13 minutes



5.01 miles - 48.12 minutes