Din Thomas Upset Over Being Pulled From Ultimate Chaos

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6/29/09 7:43:07AM
Din Thomas, who was forced to withdraw from his contest at Ultimate Chaos on Saturday against Javier Vasquez, is upset over the circumstances surrounding his withdrawal.

"I got to 146.6 and when I asked the athletic commission if I was okay, they said ‘yes.' It made sense because some commissions allow you a two-pound allowance. So I left the stage and started drinking right away to get re-hydrated. Javier's camp then apparently told the commission that they wanted me to cut the extra half-pound. So I tried and damn near killed myself in the sauna. It didn't make sense — if Javier wanted me to cut the weight why wasn't I told on the stage? I would have dropped my drawers and made it."

Thomas was forced to withdraw after he began feeling ill attempting to cut the weight to make the 145lb limit. Mark Kergosien replaced Thomas and ended up losing by submission in the first round.

6/29/09 8:03:20AM
Wasn't presented to us in that way on saturday night, the situation is quite shitty for dinero. IMO shows lack of respect and professionalism from the Vazquez camp.
6/29/09 10:21:11AM
It was loud while i was watching the event, but i could have sworn i heard them say he simply had come down with a fever and that that's why he had to withdraw?

none the less i wouldn't put it past the broadcasters simply trying to brush dirt on the topic rather than report what happened backstage between the two fighters and camps.
6/29/09 11:28:37PM
Din is a very respectful guy and never have had reason to not believe him. That's really poor management and very under handed by Javier and his camp. They knew very well that he would be already rehydrating up and then ask him to cut weight after the commission said it was ok and Javier didn't complain.
6/30/09 1:19:39AM
If anybody has to take the greatest portion of fault, it's the athletic commission for not asking the Vazquez camp whether or not Thomas coming in heavy was okay before giving Thomas the go-ahead to start rehydrating; there was no way Thomas was going to healthily cut after he started piling on pounds, so the commission should have been cautious. Vazquez's complaint was picky but not surreal; he expects his opponent to weigh the same as he does and any slight advantage, even 1.6 pounds, presents an opportunity for his opponent.

Hopefully Vazquez vs. Thomas gets moved to Affliction: Trilogy. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing it on the prelimary card.
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