Din Thomas to drop to 145 lbs.

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4/22/08 5:47:20AM
In a recent interview with MMA on Tap, UFC lightweight Din Thomas, discussed a drop down to featherweight (145 lbs.). The TUF 4 veteran made mention of the two consecutive defeats he has suffered recently to Kenny Florian (UFC Fight Night 11) and Josh Neer (UFC Fight Night 13) as a reason for the cut.LINK
4/22/08 10:05:19AM
155 is too stacked for him, 145 would be nice, he'd prolly contend right away.
4/22/08 10:39:53AM
Excellent idea. I like Thomas and the more names in the WEC the better. It might make some of their events a little more marketable / watchable.
4/22/08 10:40:52AM
Yeah Din at Lightweight never really made sense....

The only issue for him now would be Faber, Pulver and Farrar. I'm not sure he could contend with them....

We'll see..... with a good cut and fast hands he may do well in the WEC.
4/22/08 12:55:33PM
I like Din Thomas as well, I think he could make a real splash at 145.
4/22/08 1:57:39PM
I think thomas vs faber would be an insanely good fight. There both so well rounded it would be good where ever the fight went. Definatly somthing to look forward to.
4/22/08 2:34:15PM
I agree with everyone on here. I'm a fan of Thomas for sure and him going down in weight and the thought of him against Faber is awesome.
4/22/08 6:04:22PM
i cant belvie this article at all ... no way din thomas makes 145 he was alerady one of the biggst 155ers hes bigger then alot of 170 pounders no way he makes 145 and if he does i dont wanna see the affects onhis body
4/23/08 12:34:30AM
Link to Din/Neer fight?