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7/6/07 12:44:41AM
ive been wrestling for about 8 years and boxing for a few months. i just recently heard of this mma gym near me (which also offers strictly bjj). what do you guys think is a better move. i know im not gunna stop wrestling so should i stick with boxing and train in bjj or drop the boxing and just do the mma training.
7/6/07 12:54:02AM
It all depends... what are your competition plans? what are the costs and distances for each place? who are the trainers? etc...
7/6/07 1:00:13AM
well id love to compete in mma one day but im only 16 and i live in new york. the boxing gym is about 10 minutes and the mma gym is about 15 minutes. if i was to do strictly boxing and bjj itll be a little more expensive than just the mma training. my boxing trainer is great hes trained in boxing, muay thai, and some jiu-jitsu that he helps me with. the mma gym is run by emerson souza or theres another gym ran by ray longo, and the other strictly bjj gym is matt serra.
7/6/07 12:17:27PM
Matt Sera's gym has a cage, they don't do just BJJ from what I hear.
7/6/07 1:11:23PM
If you want to do MMA, then get some MMA training. Start young and kick some ass later.
7/6/07 4:05:48PM
well serra's team does their stand up training at ray longos gym. serra's gym has a cage but his gym does mostly bjj and wrestling.
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