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7/29/07 12:41:08PM
can any body tell me the difference between greco romen wresling and freestyle wresling? and any other kinds of wresling. me and my budy were talking last night and he thinks there is only one kind of wresling. and i know judo and sumbo are wresling so any other syles besides those. thanks.
7/29/07 1:59:17PM
no love anyone. someone here must know wresling.
7/29/07 5:02:44PM
For the purpose of this conversation, Greco-Roman is all upper body. As far as the difference you will see in MMA...Freestyle wrestlers will often use single/doubleleg takedowns, while Greco-Roman wrestlers will usually go for a takedown from the clinch. If you watch Couture, notice how sprawling is not a very effective defense, since he doesn't shoot on people. If you watch guys like Hughes, Koscheck, Sherk, Ortiz, or Sanchez, you will see that they usually utilize the legs.
7/30/07 1:31:09AM
Like grappler0000 said, Greco-Roman wrestlers are prohibited in competition to do takedowns involving shooting down on the legs. A majority of the takedowns have to do with over or underhooks of the arms, grabbing the torso, or a combination on the two.

Freestyle wrestlers may do any of the upper body ties, but they normally do not specialize in it. Free style wrestlers have a well-rouned arsenal of double and single leg takedowns.

The moves (tie-up and set ups) of the two styles can look pretty similar at times, but it's the rules that make them vary so much. Freestyle wrestlers normally have their legs farther behind them so they can sprawl for shots and Greco guys stand up a little straighter with a more square base.

There are dozens of other styles of wrestling, especially in the eastern front/Asia. Most countries in that region have their own cultural style, such as mongolian wrestling (simlar to what we now call folk style wrestling) in Mongolia, Sambo in Russia, and Shuai Jiao in China (the mother of sumo wrestling). In Europe there is catch wrestling, which became famous in PrideFC by Sakuraba and Barnett.

Most of the styles are simlar because of the crossover especailly in the last 50 years. Catch wrestling facinated many Judoka, Judoka often cross train sambo and judo is also the mother of BJJ, and modern BJJ practicioners train the various forms of wrestling. Stances vary, mych for cultural/historical reasons, but in the end there are only so many ways the body can move, takedown and submit or pin.

As far as Couture, I would have to disagree about him not shooting. I think his first liddel fight is a good example of that, amonst many other fights.
8/2/07 12:10:16PM
and traditional jujitsu is the mother of judo
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