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12/24/11 11:55:06AM
I think so. Fitch gets so much crap but the dude TRIES to finish fights. Seriously hes always going for submissions, slams, and always trying to get into a better position to punch people in the face on the ground. I feel if fitch had even half of gsps althetic gifts hed be a beast and atleast 50% of you would have him in your avatars

Gotta love fitch the man shows true grit! And as much crap as he gets he is still the man on pure heart and toughness alone brought the best outta gsp in gsps most exciting fight imo. Heres to hoping he can whoop hendricks ass, finish and get one more shot at GSP!
12/24/11 12:27:24PM
I think the only similarity is that both have great wrestling and use it to their advantage, I think GSP has a more diverse overall game and uses a more strategic approach when fighting, as when he fought Kos he outclassed him with his striking not wrestling, or with Hardy he outlassed him with his wrestling & ground game not striking, I think Fitch is kind of a one dimensional fighter and pretty much he has the same approach each fight, which is dominate with wrestling and G & P on his opponent and he shouldn't really be criticised for doing what he needs to do to get a win it definitely works for him because he has a stellar record in the UFC but he just hasn't had alot of finishes, no deniying his skills though, because he is one of the top WW fighters in the world, but I think style wise GSP is on a higher level than Fitch and can have a newly established style for each fight, you never really know with GSP how he will use his skills, I think it depends on the type of opponent he faces, if he faces a dangerous striker he most likely implements his wrestling and grappling abilities, whereas if he faces a dangerous ground/bjj expert than he most likely stands and bangs with them, I don't think Fitch approaches his match ups in this same manner, he basically just does what he does best every fight and thats wrestle & take it to the ground every fight, So in that sense i'd say they have some similarities skill wise, but different styles of fighting and stradegy.
12/24/11 12:28:36PM
Only difference is GSP striking is better. Even if Fitch gets another shot, the fight will be no different from the first.
12/24/11 5:29:08PM
I can agree with everything said and since is pretty one dimensional even if he has improved his stand up alil like in the alves rematch, Its also his disadvantage like in the saunders fight saunders couldnt stop the takedown so he just neutralized him with those long limbs and made for a boring fight. i also sincerely thought hes done a helluva a job trying to make his style more exciting because i really liked the pierce and alves fight. He traded with alves, kept slamming him and wasnt even in alves full guard if at all he always had his back trying to choke him same with pierce.

And even if Its the same bring it the hell ON! That was a war tho one sided and if thats what it will take to bring the best outta gsp lets freakin do it!
12/24/11 7:36:23PM
I can't remember the last time Fitch went for a submission. If he would go for those more often I wouldn't be so critical of him. GSP has superior striking, that's really the main difference between them. I would say that GSP is more likely to go for a finish though.
12/24/11 8:33:40PM
The difference you ask.....GSP didn't have to wrestle for a University to be superior in his division.
12/25/11 11:45:02AM
Deadhead have you watched the pierce and alves rematch? Multiple submission attempts.
12/25/11 6:48:03PM
I dont know if Its the same fight though, Fitch spent time off in thailand working on his muay thai.

Gsp looked vulnerable against shields. Fitch has a nice long arm to jab that eye again. Kos took him down in the rematch. Dont know why kos didnt try shooting more before his eye got messed up. Gsp is on a downwhirl spiral. Hes let so many people down dulling down his style in dull fights, he been more cautious, now more hesistant. He had to be high active last time to outwork fitch. If hes more cautious fitch can push forward more and do his thing better. Gsp kept him at bay sometimes backing up the whole time.

Now hes hurt his knee bad, long layoff coming. Hes gonna be extremely vulnerable come time to comeback.
12/27/11 1:24:49AM
GSP has superior striking and attacking ability, and i think that's the real difference between them.
1/2/12 4:01:32PM
Since UFC 64, Fitch has been involved in 10 decisions, 2 subs and now he's lost a KO.

Everyone wants to knock GSP for becoming a 'safe fighter' but that's a helluva lot of decisions on Fitch's record.

Fitch usually make me want to drink some camomile tea and paint my toenails while watching his fights. With no risk of finishing an opponent, it's easy to get bored.

The main difference between Fitch and GSP's styles is that GSP is better.
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