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7/5/07 9:11:20PM
today i had cheese on toast for breakfast, and hotdogs for dinner

what about your dietary needs?
7/6/07 6:58:40AM
I dont really eat stuff like Cheese on toast and all that, I try to keep it really low fat, but plenty of Carbs for energy (on training days at least) and as little salt and sugar as possible.

A typcial Days eating would look like this;

1 Bowl of whlegrain cereal, semi skimmed milk, no added sugar
1 bannana

Sandwich (white bread, no butter)
Low fat mayo

Chicken breasts
low fat yoghurt

or alternatively a stir fry with lean meat, cooked in very little oil, to keep the lipid count down.

Rice cakes

Throughout the day I drink a lot of filtered water, and low sugar fresh fruit juice.
Great diet, its helping me lose weight and get back into shape really quickly.
7/7/07 5:37:20AM
Today for breakfast I had a bowl of Kellogs Fitnesse
7/7/07 7:52:44AM
Pork Pie for lunch
7/7/07 5:07:02PM

Posted by Chris_Rendleman

Pork Pie for lunch

Are you serious? Pork Pies should not be on any diet list, other than the Cardiac Arrest diet. The amount of fat and salt in them is ridiculous. Dinner should be a low fat, high carb meal in preparation for training, depending on what time you train. I train at like 7pm, So I have some carbs for lunch, and then a small bowl of pasta at like 4pm, I dont like to eat too close to training, stops me from reaching my top speed in training.
7/7/07 9:19:58PM
My diet usually consists of something along these lines:

Apple, banana, orange, natural yogurt.

Smoothie consisting of (400ml milk, 2 raw eggs, 1 banana, spoon of raw honey)

Rolled oats (Mix together 1 Cup of oats, 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of yogurt and pinch of sea salt. Sit for at least 7hrs at room temperature. Bring 1 cup water to boil, add mixture, turn down heat and ready to serve in 5 minutes)

Fresh Vegetable Juice: 2-4 Carrots, 2 Tomatoes, half a celery, half a parsley, 2 apples.

Sushi rolls (salmon & avocado, tuna etc)

Fruit salad

Fresh fruit, nuts and sultanas

Multi-grain Bread Sandwich (sometimes toasted)

Lean Meat with vegetables

Deep sea fish (swordfish, salmon etc) with vegetables

Stir fries

Pasta dishes with vegetables

Vegetable lasagne's

The list goes on and on. I try to get the majority of my food as natural and organic. I am still trying to find a source for raw milk. I live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. If anyone knows someone who can get me raw milk please contact me.

I normally drink at least 2 liters of water a day as well.
7/10/07 12:58:57PM

I'm new here and pretty new to mma, only about 2 months experience under my belt so far.

I have recently done a lot of research in forums, online, at GNC, etc... and using what I learned I have put together a diet.

I am 6'0 183lbs right now. I have cut my calories way down, eliminated as much sugar and sodium from my diet as possible, I'm eating veggies, tuna, lean meant, those types of food. 4-5 smalls meals a day. I also drink as much water as I possibly can.

I train in muay thai mondays weds and saturdays and run and weight train on the other days.

The question I had is this: is there a minimum amount of calories I want to take in? I know you are supposed to burn more than you take in to lose body fat, which I am trying to do, but I do not want to cut my calories too far back and lose muscle or do anything unhealthy.

Any advice would be appreciated.
9/9/07 11:17:13AM
fried egg sandwich
12/7/07 5:53:07PM

Posted by enemyofmany

hey chris maybe you should eat your dogs azz for breakfast

this deserves many props
12/9/07 5:56:06PM
I eat chris's mom. all day
12/9/07 6:56:43PM
As far as the minimum question, I'd never consume fewer than 1100 or so calories a day at 150-60 pounds. Around 180 To be safe don't go under 1200-1300. Also, they say eat big to go big so if you want to maintain a certain muscle mass don't consume under1500 or so.
12/10/07 9:38:07AM
well if your trying to make a certain weight i lost 3 pounds in an hour and a half by...

eat ing things mostly around 150 calories. for lunch have about 220. adn then drink as much water as possible. Then jump rope until needed.
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