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12/13/07 10:18:35PM
Hi everyone.
I'm new here and I did look through this sub-forum a bit before asking a question that may have been asked a million times. But, most questions and advice seem to be very person specific, so here I go...

I am having a hard time finding the "right" things to eat, and I'm constantly hungry. I'm just trying to get in to better shape and am going to start at the boxing gym as well as a jiu jitsu place around the corner after the first of the year.

Here's what I eat just about every day.
muscle milk and a protein bar for breakfast
a banana or apple for a snack
PB&J and a grapefruit or 2 oranges for lunch. Once in awhile I have cereal.
after work I almost always have a bowl of cereal
workout as long and as hard as I can then a creatine drink.
for dinner I have been eating some sort of meat, usually chicken breast and a veggie, sometimes no veggie.
water all day long, nothing else.
by bedtime I'm starving again.

What do you guys snack on that doesnt come in a bag or can or box, because I will not eat those things anymore. I love fruit, but my kids tear it up pretty fast.
12/13/07 11:12:00PM
Theres a few things we'd need to know to answer this question. First off, how old are you? How much weight are you trying to lose? Is this a brand new phase in your life, or have you always been relatively health concious?
12/14/07 7:10:40AM
I'm 31, I'm not trying to lose any weight. I'm 165 now and would like to stay right around there.
I want to lose fat and build muscle. This is a new phase, I want to learn how to fight. Doesn't every man have it in his heart to do battle?
12/17/07 4:13:18PM
Im not an expert but really think you should eat more...I eat like 5 o 6 times a day ( more or less I wake up at 9.30, eat at 10/13/16/19/00 go to sleep until 2) for the same think lose fat and build muscle, in every meal eat some protein...

Check this site maybe wil help you its a 7-Day Meal Plan

12/18/07 9:34:16AM

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