Diego Sanchez wants Josh Koscheck next in June or July

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3/6/08 3:20:02PM
When exactly did he prove to be "a level above"?

There must be some other organization he's fighting in I'm not familiar with because I just don't see it. Not even a little bit. did he even land a single shot or shot against GSP?

He is above Diego in the rankings, sure. His next logical match is against Matt Hughes, yes? I would love to see him get mauled by Matt before he gets mauled in his rematch with Diego.

Who wants to Avatar bet that? Whatever that entails....
3/6/08 8:04:15PM

Posted by SmileR

I'd give this fight to Diego. He controlled the first fight with ease and the second was hardly a even fight.

Diego was told he was HIV positive and wouldn't be able to fight again, then they told him they messed up and they weren't sure what he had then figured out it was a staph infection and started to treat that!

How he even managed to climb the stairs to the cage was amazing!

I personally don't like ether guys personalities too much but i wouldn't think twice about giving this fight to a healthy Sanchez.

He controlled the 1st fight with ease ? He Got Taken Down At Will ... And i Say Give him the Rematch so kos Can beat him again ! and im not saying he didnt have staph but dont use it as an excuse he shouldnt have gotten into the octagon ... kos by decsion but a closer more entertaing fight ... deigo cant beat guys he cant out wrestle
4/10/08 9:33:00AM
after this fight was over diego cryed like a little girl
4/10/08 9:37:05AM
I'm really not that excited about this fight! But I think Koscheck has it still.
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