Diego Sanchez has ‘tremendous respect’ for Clay Guida and his many hearts

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6/21/09 10:14:37AM
“I’ve got tremendous respect for Clay after tonight because I haven’t been in a blood barnburner like that since Nick Diaz and you know, I hit him with some knees, some kicks and some uppercuts that were right on the button and he just kept on coming. I was surprised, the guy’s got heart. He’s got a couple of hearts because he kept coming in the striking too even though I was landing the more effective strikes and picking my shots. He’s a little Tasmanian Devil to take on. He was in a position to fight me for a reason: He earned his shot with wins against Danzig and Diaz. He put himself in that place but I was just the more technical fighter that executed the gameplan right. I went in there and was ‘The Nightmare.’”

6/21/09 11:42:43AM
I thought Guida was dead after he took that head kick!
6/21/09 1:31:59PM
the staredown was intense, the walk to the cage too. i think both guys knew what the other had but when it was all said and done they both gained alot of respect for the other. i have never seen guida get dominated like he did in the 1st round, then to bounce back and make a close fight of it wow.
6/21/09 2:14:16PM
Diego's combo's were insane, he's going to be a force. I've never seen Clay in trouble like that, then again...i've never seen a chin at 155 like that.
6/21/09 6:22:00PM
i think a lot of the folks who trash clay have to have gained some more respect for him now. sanchez dominated the first round big time. i thought it was over but that fight could have gone either way after that and i wouldn't have been a bit surprised if they gave it do guida after the last 2 rounds. it was a great fight.....sanchez is strange but man...he can fight.
6/21/09 8:34:31PM
Both of these guys can fight man....Guida's a warrior. Plain and simple. I'll root him up no matter what the outcome is, against anyone he fights.
6/22/09 8:22:01AM
It's pretty easy to say that we've only seen 1 other person take a beating like that and keep coming.

So here's to a young Nog with ADD WAR GUIDA
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