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10/15/07 4:27:28PM
After his loss to Fitch, I believe he talked about dropping to 155.

I'm not a big fan of Diego's but the guy is a very scrappy fighter. I personally think he would be a very dominant lightweight. Fitch is a huge welterweight and Sanchez held his own and almost had Fitch caught a few times. I just don't think many LW's would be able to handle Sanchez. The only two guys that would probably be favored over Sanchez are Penn & Sherk.

Also, how good would these fights be? Penn vs. Sanchez, Tyson Griffin vs. Sanchez, Clay Guida vs. Sanchez, Sherk vs. Sanchez. Those fights would kick serious a$$. And there several more entertaining matchups. I wouldn't mind seeing him fight Florian again. I think that would show us just how much Florian has improved since the original TUF finale.

Anyway, I think Sanchez could make his mark in the LW division and have a great run/career at 155.

Anybody have any thoughts? comments?

10/15/07 4:30:43PM
i think he would be great in the LW division, and those fights you mentioned would be amazing fights, but can he cut the weight? i dont know if diego can still be as ferocious if he has to cut 15 more pounds. i am not saying that he can't do it, i am just saying that i don't know if he would be able to maintain the weight. if he could though, the LW division would be just that much better
10/15/07 4:39:11PM
I think it will be hard becuase he's a wrestler and can cut weight good so probably walks around 180 or 190...

I think he would be exhausted and starved if he dropped down. I say go to WEC and dominate if you lose your next fight...

I use to think he was #1 in the world until he loss to Kos...then he just didn't have a great game plan if he had one at all against Fitch..

Still one of my favorite fighters. He would dominate the WEC or another Org if he went. he just needs to get some confidence back..
10/15/07 5:15:01PM
i see sanchez fighting in the LW with no problem, he is not a big WW and the drop of weight is now very well controlled with the 2007 science and a good nutritionist !!

as a LW, sanchez can be a title contender very fast !!

10/15/07 6:08:16PM
There was a topic about this like a week ago please search forums before starting new topics...
10/15/07 6:13:01PM
go up to 185 imo
10/16/07 9:11:55AM

Posted by CwB

There was a topic about this like a week ago please search forums before starting new topics...

My bad.... just trying to get a non fedor/couture discussion going.
10/16/07 9:45:58AM

Posted by loonytnt

go up to 185 imo

His chances could be better there conisdering it's by far the weakest division right now.
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