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9/28/08 2:52:31PM

“This is the fight of my life. I’m preparing, I’m training the harder I can for this fight. I’m doing a lot strength training, submission, but my biggest strength is my heart, conditioning, technique and I feel that these three things are going to be the biggest factor in this fight. Once I show the pace I put in this fight… I’ll put a pace he never felt before…. I got all these wonderful teammates and we’re just training hard and getting ready, and I don’t think Thiago will be ready for what I prepared for him.”

9/28/08 4:59:41PM
I like Diego, he's one of my favorite fighters but I think Thiago takes this one. His standup is better and I dont think Diego will be able to take him down.
9/28/08 5:11:59PM

Posted by Solidus

I like Diego, he's one of my favorite fighters but I think Thiago takes this one. His standup is better and I dont think Diego will be able to take him down.

I agree, if diego couldn't take fioravanti to the ground he won't be able to take thiago down. but if he does get it there i think he wins.
9/29/08 4:22:25PM
Diego couldnt even take Luigi down, that says a lot for Luigi but Thiago is on another level and will get the KO late in the 1st or early in the 2nd via Diego getting cocky with his improved striking and inabilitity to take Thiago down.
9/30/08 7:12:05PM
Diego is the f'n man! I think he's easily one of the best fighters in the UFC right now. I always thought he'd be in line for a title shot, in fact if it wasn't for Serra, he should have gotten the next title shot but in all honesty everything worked out for the best. Those two straight losses were the best thing that could have ever happened to him. He thought he was invincible and it humbled him and now I think he's ready for championship caliber fights and boy does he got one!

This fight definitely is between the two people who I believe would have the best shot against GSP, Kos maybe next year cuz he's still trying to reach his peak. But a lot of people are critizing Diego for not being able to take Lugi down so they think he's automatically done for and will get KO'd. I just got one question, when have you ever seen Diego badly rocked or stunner and even close to being KO'd? Thiago I still have questions about. His cardio since he struggles to gut and his ground game is still suspect, he just has great takedown defense and the ability to get right back up to hide it.

I just feel Diego will out work him the same way he grinded out Lugi. He might not be taking the fight to the ground whenever he wants and it might not be going totally his way but Diego has too much Heart, conditioning and a damn good chin. He's too damn aggressive too. I just think he will stay on Thiago and wear him down since he can non-stop keep coming forward and always be punching. And it's not like his stand up sucks. I think Diego will out work him and win a UD on heart, aggression, and conditioning or I could definitely even see him finishing a worn out Thiago in the 3rd like he did wit lugi.

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