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2/12/09 8:18:32AM
When the announcement was made that perennial Top 10 welterweight Diego Sanchez was making a move to lightweight just about every fighter at 155 pounds took immediate notice. From top contenders on down, Sanchez is gunning for the best fighters in the world at lightweight, but as he told MMAWeekly Radio recently, his run at 170 isn't finished either.

Always known for his tremendous strength and cardio conditioning, Sanchez will not accept a loss in either of those categories for his move to lightweight, which may not last as long as some people may have expected.

"I definitely am going to go back to welterweight. Maybe a year, year and a half at this weight, we'll see," he said in the interview. "It's all about the business and the right fights, whatever are the best fights for the UFC. I'm here to put the best fights on for the fans and the UFC, and be the best fighter out there that I can be for you guys."

The New Mexico born fighter attributes the move to lightweight as something he felt necessary at this point in his career, but as he ages, he believes that 170 will be his home once again.

"I'm 27 now, so I'm only in my twenties. When I come into my thirties it's going to be a lot harder to make that weight drop, so I said hey go for the belt at 155 and then later on in my career, I can go for the belt at 170," commented Sanchez.

2/12/09 8:20:39AM
see no problem there just hope it last a couple years he will dominate 155
2/12/09 10:23:04AM
It's a good plan for him. Seems he plans to be fighting for a long time.
2/12/09 2:10:23PM
I believe Diego could be the future Champ in the light weight division he is a beast .
2/12/09 3:02:03PM
See this is hard for me because honestly i dont see him winning the title at LW with Bj there. And he wont win the title as long as GSP is in town. i like Diego but i think hes just in a bad part of the weight region altho i do think hes a good 2 at lw
2/12/09 11:02:15PM
personaly at 155 i don't see him beating Kenny... their last fight was not exaclty a land slide with kenny fighting 30 pounds above his weight class... with Diego droping weight to make 55 i think he will be a bit tired and too slow for Kenny, and thats only IF he makes it past Joe... which is not exaclty a can
2/13/09 8:00:48AM
Don't matter, I think he's a top contender and has a good shot to beat anybody in either division.
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