Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida headline TUF 9 finale

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3/5/09 1:23:46PM
Just got off mmaweekly and saw these two guys were the headliner on June 20. Think its a pretty intense match-up? I sure do, but Diego might be too hard to handle for Guida.
3/5/09 1:29:37PM
I knew this fight would happen, Diego Sanchez, former no. 1 contender at ww dropping down to lightweight, vs. Clay Guida who has 3 stright wins over good competition.

Diego should definitely win this one, he is going to be more comfortable at lw the second time he dropps, ala Mike Swick.

Guida has awesome cardio, but Diego is so mentally strong I see him submitting Guida late in the 2nd or early in the 3rd....

3/5/09 1:37:04PM
Diego by UD but in a very sick sick fight!!!! can't wait!!! I think this will end up being the greatest TUF finale card as far as non-tuf guys fighting.
3/5/09 1:39:06PM
could the winner of this fight be in line for a title shot?? i couldn't argue against it.
3/5/09 2:13:06PM
Excellent match-up by joe Silva

Clay Guida is one of my favorite fighter and i always pick him to win but this i go for Diego by Ud.
3/5/09 3:00:11PM
wow i dont think this fight even has the potential to be boring. Cant wait to see Diego back in action against another top fighter.

Diego by UD. Then he can fight the loser of Penn vs Florian(which will be Florian). I really hope Diego wins so we can possibly see a Sanchez Florian rematch!!!
3/5/09 10:09:52PM
My hand is with Sanchez but my heart is with Guida.
3/5/09 11:48:03PM
Wow.... This is Guida's chance to finally make a push for a legitimate contender at a tile shot if he wins this fight.

As much as I like the Nightmare...


3/6/09 1:59:23AM
I like Guida but he is boring imo and Diego is more well rounded and will knock him out or submit him.
3/6/09 4:55:45AM
I dont see Guida getting KOed......possible TKO GnP style though....

This is going to be fight of the night, 2 balls to the wall guys.

Diego is a really good wrestler, who has fought, and trained with Kos and did decent wrestling him(getting wrestled by him lol) Kos has said many times Diego was tough and knows wrestling well....Diego has great sub offense, and defense, and his striking has improved into one of the best tec strikers around.

Guida is tough, great cardio, hard to submit, hard to KO, great chin. Very good wrestler Guida striking is only mediocre.

I think Guida will do what he does try to take the fight to the ground where he quickly realises he doesnt have an advantage there and is unable to control Diego, Diego will get a sweep, and in transition hit Guida with some big shots taking dom postions, possibly ending the fight with GnP... IF he cant GnP him out then the fight will go to decision.

This is going to be a ground war, i cant wait for this fight.
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