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12/10/08 3:03:47PM
What’s up Josh? Thanks for taking the time once again to speak with

Josh Koscheck: You got these questions for me or what? We going to do this? I’m ready to talk some shit! (Laughs). So how have you been since we last spoke … are you ready for Wednesday night?

Josh Koscheck: I’m good. I feel good. Training went great — I could not have asked for a better training camp. I’m in great shape. In fact, we were talking tonight about how the fight against Thiago Alves was actually just part of this training camp to get ready for Yoshida. I’ve been training to get ready for this guy forever so I’m ready to go. I just want to get in the Octagon and get this fight over with so I can go
home and relax for awhile. How long before you accepted the fight against Alves on short notice were you training for “Zenko?”

Josh Koscheck: A few weeks. I fought Thiago on October 25. So it was probably around the end of September. That was a long time ago. Is there any concern that perhaps you overtrained for this fight or are maybe a little exhausted mentally and/or physically?

Josh Koscheck: No, I’m always in the gym whether or not I have a fight coming up. There’s a difference between being in shape and being in fighting shape. I always stay in shape — I’m not a person who just puts six-or eight-week camps together once bout agreements are signed. It’s just a matter of turning it up as the fight gets closer and doing whatever it takes to prepare for my upcoming opponents. Were you in “fighting shape” for Thiago Alves?

Josh Koscheck: I don’t know. Mentally, yes, without a doubt. Physically, I wasn’t gassed after the fight. I could have gone a few more rounds. I’d just say it is what it is — I’m not going to make any excuses regarding that performance.

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