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POLL: Will Shamrock vs. Slice draw enough to save them?
Yes 24% (9)
No 76% (28)
9/9/08 7:31:13PM
Can Shamrock and Slice be the savior that EliteXC needs?
9/9/08 7:45:34PM
this fight is hilarious. they keep feeding kimbo slice cans. this will not save Elite Xc and i believe right after this event there will be no more elite xc and hopefully we see nick diaz return to the octagon
9/9/08 8:31:36PM
It will keep them alive one more day. Ken and Kimbo are two big names to the WWE fan base just stay home to watch it cause the bar is going to be full of pimple heads.
9/9/08 9:55:54PM
This is a do or die for Elite. I don't think this show will do even as good as the last, and CBS will drop them from Sat. night fights. Soon after this they will fold.
9/10/08 4:11:19PM
unless we get a highlight reel knockout from kimbo i think elitexc is done.
9/11/08 4:02:23AM
The Kimbo/Shamrock fight is going to draw the flies like shit always does.

What would really help Elite is if Gina Carano had an in ring wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson's Super Bowl "boing!" incident.
9/11/08 4:07:28AM
elite xc is already dead
unfortunately no one has told them yet
9/11/08 7:29:05PM
There is no way in my mind that Kimbovs Shammy is going to save this sinking ship. If they wanted a fight to boost ratings the should have hyped a fight between Kimbo and Rodgers. But that fight poses too much of a threat to their SUPERSTAR Kimbo. Let him all but kill shamrock and his record isnt tainted and is worth more money in a buy out situation. On the other hand Shammy might be able to get it to the ground.....if that happens it wont be pretty for Ferg
9/11/08 7:54:55PM
The elite xc will probly die.
9/23/08 6:35:11PM
shamrock and slice are jokes to the sport.

especially when u have a nobody just famous because of youtube.

he has no ground game and i personally think this fight will be boring.

just like the kimbo and james thompson fight.
9/24/08 9:29:52AM
EliteXC better pray to the MMA Gods that Kimbo wins. If Shamrock wins, they're down for the count. If Kimbo wins, they'll live to see another day...for now.
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