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11/3/11 1:43:58AM
and new, ufc, welterweight, champion, of, the world...nickkkkk diazzzzzz
11/3/11 3:18:42PM
Diaz trains with pro boxers and is a completely different strikers then alves or hardy, Bs Hardys the one that's overrated as hell. And diaz is different as he won't stay in the pocket with gsp and pick his spots. Diaz will be in his face from the start throwing everything but the kitchen sink and when gsp takes him down diaz won't quit like everybody else he"ll be firing off submissions left and right. The key here is diaz will keep attacking exactly 5 minutes of every round for 25 minutes. That's good odds when gsp always has his opponent controled and defeated after the first takedown attempt it sprawl but diaz has the heart cardio and mental warfare that will keep gsp on edge the entire fight and diaz is only one sub or punch from winning.
11/3/11 5:22:11PM

Posted by Pookie

Wingspan is synonymous with reach.

I like that it does. Shoulders go into a punch, and a fighter with broad shoulders who really turns his body with his punches is going to have a deceptively long range, and he's going to have it on power punches. And fighters who have average "wingspans" but long arms(like diaz) would seem to fight with a longer range than he should, and that he'll surprise you with it on his straight punches. So either way, the Wingspan method or the Armpit to Knuckle method, they are going to leave out some sort of information about their range, and the way that fighter attacks in his range.

I don't get why Armpit to knuckle is valued higher when it essentially tells you less information. Knowing the width of the shoulders is just as valuable as knowing the length of the arms.

For all those fighters that punch with their fingertips wingspan is a great indicator of reach.

I agree both methods have flaws, there's zero doubt about that. But until fighters start punching with their fingertips, they should at least do a knuckle to knuckle wingspan or even include a knuckle to knuckle and armpit to knuckle.

Better yet, have a fighter hold a punching motion and use a new invention called technology to measure as the bird flies from their spine to their knuckles to include the torso's torque into the punch. It doesn't seem like it would be very hard to do.
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