Diaz vs. Hieron On 8/15?

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7/28/09 10:26:54AM
It's not a done deal yet, but it looks like Jay Hieron might be the winner of the "Who Gets To Face Nick Diaz on 8/15" sweepstakes. Hieron beat out Phil Baroni to replace Joe Riggs according to a GracieFighter.com report. No immediate confirmation from Strikeforce, so as always, stay tuned.

7/28/09 10:30:00AM
Much better match up than Diaz vs. Baroni, IMO
7/28/09 10:37:55AM
Hieron=Better actual fight. Undoubtedly.

Baroni=Better pre-fight. That would've been some more great trash talking & promos from both participants.
7/28/09 11:34:03AM
I wouldn't have minded seeing Daley in the mix either

I think Diaz beats all of them, but Hieron is probably the most well rounded/toughest test.

Baroni would have been the easiest, but it would've been fun to watch.
7/28/09 11:58:47AM
We're halfway there. Hieron has now signed a multi-fight deal with SF. Weekly reports he's likely getting Diaz first and it will be for the WW Title.


Edit: Article updated to note Hieron has agreed in principle to the deal, but not yet signed.
7/28/09 12:31:53PM
Yea, i know it's a last minute replacement, and props for Jay stepping up--he's desperate to fight since his last bout was cancelled--but come on, Diaz is going to dominate. I hope they give decent odds!!
7/28/09 12:47:26PM
I like this fight...kind of sucks that Hieron will probably get an L in his debut...but I do think this fight will be more competitive then people will think.

Jay is quick and well rounded, and he has got some power as well.

I think it goes till like the 4th, where Diaz will get a TKO.
7/28/09 3:51:18PM
Yay, I finally predicted a fight .

It seemed like a forgone conclusion since they match up well, and Jay was available.

Hieron has been a little chinny in the past, but I think he's drastically improved over the last couple years. His last bout against Jason High was really impressive--he blew him right out of the water with some improved boxing.

It's a tough test for Diaz. Hieron has pretty good footwork, and I doubt he'll allow Diaz to put together 5 or 6 punch combinations like he has against previous opponents. They both have great conditioning, so I expect either a decision, or a late round finish.
7/28/09 5:33:22PM
good job wolf...now predict fedor and vitor to the UFC and lets call it a day
7/28/09 7:13:33PM
i called this days ago
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