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7/1/07 5:34:01PM

Posted by Aether

Don't take this the wrong way kaduey but you're badly misinformed about this. There is no chance in hell that anyone is going to be hanging around people who are smoking pot and test positive for THC 2 days later, hell 5 minutes later. The concentration of smoke floating around in the open air isn't close to enough to put the amount of THC required for a positive test into your system. On top of that fact, the majority of the smoke floating around in the air will already have been inhaled and exhaled, meaning the vast majority of the THC has already been absorbed into the bloodstream of whoever smoked it to begin with.

You can argue this from a lot of different angles, but that just isn't one of them. He did willingly take the drug, now whether you believe the punishment fits the crime, or whether it should even constitute a crime is another matter, but he DID do the drug. Apparently he actually ATE it as opposed to smoking it, which makes all of this make a lot more sense to me. His levels were through the roof, when you eat pot it actually takes a much larger amount to get you high.... it also gives you an all-around body high as opposed to a head high as well as lasting for a significantly longer period of time which again makes a lot of sense if his intention really was to use it as a pain-killer.

As for your question of do they get tested for THC, yes, everyone gets tested the same way. The tests aren't designed to search for a specific kind of drug or another, they simply look at what chemicals are there that are not naturally present in human blood, so one blood test will find cocaine/thc/anabolic steroids/whatever... no one would've had to have been tipped off, it would just show up regardless.

Thanks for in dept info. have i got this right ......

So the idea of testing fighters thc levels wouldnt neccesarily determine what drug or suppliment had actually been taken, but the test does prove that something has been used. Then it would be a case of further tests that would lead to the conclusion of what drug was taken ? ... Is that right or wrong ?
7/1/07 5:50:10PM
I don't have incredibly in-depth knowledge of how the process works, but I know the basics. It's only one test as best I know. They take the blood and run it through a machine that looks at all of the individual chemicals that make it up. So if you test normal blood they should find a given amount of iron, a given amount of potassium, etc. etc. and of course, if you took some sort of drugs, they will also find that chemical mixed in with the rest of them.

The simplest way to think of it is that they just break the blood down into all of it's individual components and see how much of each one is in there. (although they don't actually break it down, it's just an easy way to picture the process.) The numbers "15" and "175" (the threshold for a normal positive and what nick tested respectively) are most likely measurements in parts per million, but don't quote me on that because I'm not positive.
7/1/07 6:14:32PM
i respect the ruling as long as everyone else who tests positive for thc is also stripped of any win, suspended 6 months and fined 3g. that being said i believe that nick has been on the wrong end of too many close decisions. i started a new post that was deleted because it was too close in content to this one that asked this question as well: nick called out frank shamrock recently and the both fight for the same org. how do you guys think nick would do against a bigger stronger frank shamrock?
7/1/07 6:38:47PM
I thnk Shamrock would make a big mistake fighting diaz, diaz would ko shamrock.
7/1/07 7:21:47PM
It was a ridiculous decision that they ruled the match a NC.
7/1/07 8:41:30PM
If they want "Professional Fighters" to act like "Professional Fighters",and follow the rules,then they should be paid like "Professional Fighters" and make it worth their while!

im sure if they offered Nick $50K(at least) to fight the Pride LW Champ or at least a Title fight he would of thought twice before getting high

Plain and simple...they are not being paid like professionals

This is why i really want EliteXC (Proelite),and Gary Shaw to succeed the same way UFC has so we can really start seeing fighters being paid what they deserve!
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