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4/15/07 5:27:46AM

Posted by Orlandi0053

Although Diaz got cuaght smoking im just hoping that there will be a rematch I just dont understand why the drug test would check for steroids and different drugs like coke, meth, etc. rather then marijuana..

They check for all of the above and more.
4/15/07 5:56:58AM
I don't think that marijuana has ever been proven to be a painkiller... Anit nausea, calming of the nerces, etc.. But it seems like these guys are making up their own rules and not using too much solidified fact behind them.
4/15/07 8:44:54PM
The main push for medical marijuana is that it IS a painkiller and helps with nausea, both of which come up in a fight.
4/15/07 9:46:48PM

Posted by nubby

If anything it would hurt his performance because he would be thinking of a quesadilla with funions and an orange soda.

lmao now thats hilarious
4/16/07 5:20:32PM
hehe i always knew diaz could never beat gomi, and this proves it.

war gomi nuthuggers!!!!

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