[Diaz] 8======D~~~ all over [Gomi]

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2/9/07 5:37:14PM
It's finally time to prove how Over-hyped/Overrated/Protected gomi is, i'm taking wagers. Put your fantasy cash where your mouths are.
2/9/07 5:39:20PM
what odds you lookin for?

i gotta $100 bucks, what do you have?
2/9/07 5:44:04PM
ill put my 80 to your hundred
2/9/07 5:47:22PM
How about 40 to my 50? Wager sent.
2/9/07 5:50:43PM
cool thanks tibun, finally got the last bit of my money wagered.
2/9/07 5:50:58PM
Any more takers!? i have 175 left, and all my bets are on diaz. So its all or nothing, cause im crazy like that.

And yes, i do hold ill will towards gomi.
2/9/07 8:47:44PM
ill bet 100 on gomi
2/9/07 10:48:18PM
OK after accepting a shitload of wagers, and after declining the a few(cause i didn't have enough money), I have only 30 dollars left! whoever can give me some decent odds plz send me a wager
2/10/07 1:56:29PM
What kind of odds do you want for your last $30???
2/25/07 12:34:23AM
Alright guys...now will you see it my way as far as gomi goes? And diaz is just a borderline B/C class fighter...
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