Diaz Fan Club #1 in wagers in mw div.

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11/25/07 5:18:23PM
We're still looking for some more members, so if you're a fan just send a request!
11/28/07 8:54:35AM
ill join
12/1/07 9:26:06AM
4/28/08 10:23:19PM
Not sure if you are taking anymore members into your fight club, but if you are I would be very interested in joining. I sent your camp a request for an invite, so I hope you get it.

I am fairly new, I just started up, my first event was UFN 13. I was pretty much just average for that event, although I did wind up on the plus side by quite a bit with my wagers. For my second event, UFC 83, 8 - 2, and once again did well with my wagers.

I will definitely be active and participate in all events. So, if you are still taking in any new members I would love to join, especially since I love the Diaz Bros.

Thanks in advance,
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