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12/29/11 10:08:44AM
Hello All

Here is my viewpoint of the Diaz vs Cerrone battle tomorrow night!

Nate Diaz (14-7 MMA 7-5 UFC):

Nathan Diaz has been through an unstable patch in his career that saw his go an even 2-2 in his last four bouts. This is partially blamed on his questionable choice to move up to welterweight, even though this should take nothing away from his previous opponents in that division.

In his latest apperance against Takanori Gomi, Nate Diaz put on a remarkable display, showcasing his impressive (and vastly improving) boxing skills. His calm composure during that fight and way he stalked Gomi, patiently and methodically picking him apart, shows just how much Diaz has matured inside the cage .

Nate Diaz is currently a brown belt Jui-Juitsu practitioner under Cesar Gracie, which is quite a respectable feat and he has proven it repetitively inside the octagon. Diaz has a scored submission victories in 11 out of his 14 career victories including submissions over notables Takanori Gomi, Melvin Guillard, Manvel Gamburyan & Kurt Pellegrino. However this does not limit Nate to grappling as Cerrone is no slouch on the ground.

Even though he only has 3 career victories by TKO, Diaz had shown improvements in his stand-up game especially his boxing.According to fightmetric.com, Diaz lands 3.03 strikes per minute, with an accuracy of 36% in his significant strikes per fight.That is 20% less than striking expert Alistair Overeem, highlighting that Diaz still has a long way to go before his striking game is completely fluid. His striking defence is significantly more efficient, as he defends 62% of all strikes and only absorbs 2.2 strikes per minute. That is less than his opponent.

Gameplan for Diaz: As much as Diaz is coming into his own as a lightweight and as a striker, look for him to stick to his game plan and implement his ground game on the Cowboy and attempt to pull off his 12th submission victory.

Donald Cerrone (17-3 MMA 4-0 UFC):

“Cowboy” Cerrone has been on quite a roll since his debut in the UFC. A clean sweep leading him to a perfect 4-0 record inside the octagon. His only career losses have come to current title challenger Benson Henderson and former WEC champ Jamie Varner and those losses are nothing to be ashamed of.

The most interesting thing about Cerrone is that he has continuously worked on improving his abilities as a mixed martial artist allowing him to steal a trick from GSP and beat fighters in their own game. That is how he went about defeating kickboxer Dennis Siver and redeeming his loss to Jamie Varner. Cerrone’s ability to adapt to the many different aspects of MMA, whether it be kickboxing, wrestling or Jui-juitsu, make him a more complete fighter than Nate Diaz.

Similar to Diaz, the majority of Cowboy’s career victories have come by way of submission. 13 of his 17 wins have come by submission, yet recently Cerrone has displayed an uncanny mean streak by attacking Vagner Rocha’s with vicious leg kicks en route to a unanimous decision victory. He also displayed knockout ability by TKOing Charles Oliveira and knocking accomplished kickboxer Dennis Siver almost unconscious.

According to Fightmetric.com, Cerrone lands 3.37 strikes per minute which is higher than Diaz’s 3.03 strikes. He is also 10% more accurate with his significant strikes, making him statistically more dangerous than Diaz. His striking defense is also the equivalent to that of Diaz making him the more complete fighter if this fight remains standing.

Surprisingly, Cerrone’s stats are more impressive on the ground than those of Diaz but those also reflect Diaz’z losses at welterweight which could be debated as insignificant in this division.

Gameplan for Cerrone: Look for Cerrone to keep the fight standing and look for a TKO in the 1st or 2nd round.
12/29/11 10:17:45AM
You're more than welcome to post this but I'm going to remove the link. Signing up just to promote your own blog, website, etc. is highly frowned upon here.
12/29/11 11:04:00AM

Posted by emfleek

You're more than welcome to post this but I'm going to remove the link. Signing up just to promote your own blog, website, etc. is highly frowned upon here.

Well that is why I posted the actual content here. But It was way longer than this so I included a link for the rest of it
12/29/11 11:20:08PM
Nice breakdown of the fight with some legit stats to back it up. I agree with you, I also have Cerrone winning.
12/30/11 5:17:11PM
Great breakdown.

For me, this is the fight to watch on this card. I'm more excited about this one than Overeem v Lesnar.

I've always been a Cerrone fan and he's on a great winning streak right now with good momentum.

I loved the Rocha fight. It's rare to see someone brought down primarily because of leg-kicks. That was some impressive skills.

And... fingers crossed that I get see Nate rag-dolled again because that always puts a smile on my face. Even though he looked good in his last fight at LW, I think overconfidence can do him in, especially when the attitude gets put into the mix. A slip-up is all Cerrone needs to take control of this one.
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