Diaz Admits SF Brawl Role, Will Be Suspended

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6/23/10 10:07:34AM
The TAC has a check and more coming from Nick Diaz. Diaz has on paper admitted his role in a brawl following April's "Strikeforce: Nashville" event, according to his representative. Diaz on Monday sent the Tennessee Athletic Commission a "consent order" that will trigger a three-month suspension from professional competition. However, the fighter will not be licensed in time for a Strikeforce event planned for Aug. 21 in which he was considered for a possible eight-man middleweight tournament. Cesar Gracie, Diaz's manager and trainer, said Tuesday that the fighter included his fine with the consent order as part of a reduced punishment for his role in the brawl, though he did not disclose the amount his client paid. The fine could be $5000 because he agreed to the consent order.

6/23/10 12:35:02PM
sucks man. him in the tourney woulda been awesome. hendo vs diaz??? woulda been awesome. this sucks.
6/23/10 1:18:46PM
This tourney is gona be sick either way, if it goes down, stikeforce has a decent group of names in the middleweight divsion
6/23/10 5:03:29PM
Jacare is going to win it all anyway
6/24/10 8:51:10PM
It's not not a bum deal for Diaz at all. He deserves his punishment. It's a raw deal for fans, considering of of SF top fighters made himself ineliegable for the tourney!
6/25/10 7:09:28AM
hopefully it may make him think about his actions in future.............but then probably not!
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