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6/15/08 5:26:56AM
I'm not really worried about if fighters are "classy." I don't expect them all to be wearing collared shirts and a tie while raising their pinky in the air while their drinking tea. By means, if you get subbed, KO'd or stopped and it's not a premature one or by cuts, then stand your ass back up and congratulate the man. He was the better man and you'll live to fight another day, work your way back up and rematch the guy.

But I can also understand where Diaz is coming from. He's lost a lot of close and controversial decisions. He hasn't really ever learned to lose respectfully. He's only lost one time undisputedly, stopped him in a rematch and then subbed him in a rubber match in his first UFC fight. But every other fight has been off close decisions. He whooped Joe Riggs ass and lost that fight on the cards. The Karo and Diego fights were both very close and could have understandably gone either way. Then he catches a tough break with the cuts stoppage and then the man goes around talking as if he actually knocked or tapped Diaz out. I'd be pissed too. But I understand they could take better actions upon being mad.

But I understand where their coming from, their both really entertaining and that's all I ever ask out of a fighter. It's why I like Krazy Horse and Yves Edwards so much. Their explosive and exciting entertainers. I rather a fighter have a wild and out going personality and draw heat, then be just a "classy" robot.
6/15/08 5:40:48AM
How is being classy robotic?
6/15/08 5:51:51AM
Without Tito Ortiz, Krazy Horse, and the Diaz brothers. MMA wouldn't be as near as great as it is today. They bring the mixed emotions into the sport with their controversial actions. If all fighters did was touch gloves, fight, and the shake hands, it'd get pretty stale since most of the excitement comes from the emotions since not every fight is going to be Forrest vs Stephon 1 or Diego vs Karo.

I'd rather run a promotion with 20 Krazy Horses and Kimbo Slices on my roster, then 20 GSP's and Machida's.

6/15/08 5:57:05AM
I prefer guys like Fedor who no matter what he gives everyone respect and shows that fighters aren't all gang bangers and street fighters. People who don't like mma are given more ammunition watchin those two.
6/15/08 10:46:55AM
I'm sorry, I couldn't help but smile when Diaz called Noons out. I mean, honestly, what did they think was going to happen when they let them in the cage. The freakin Diaz brothers weren't gonna start sh*t? Thats just the way they are.

Can't wait to see their rematch (presumably soon i'm guessing?)
6/15/08 10:56:20AM
Diaz knows the KJ loss was BS and he was confident/cocky enough to call him out during the event and i have come to expect certain things from fighters like Ortiz and the Diaz bros and i love this sport because of the controversy they create.
6/15/08 11:41:06AM
Anybody happen to know of a clip of what happened anywhere?
6/15/08 11:43:59AM
Did I read Sherdog's article correctly?

If that is true, that is absolutely ridiculous. At 8 pounds he clearly had no intention whatsoever of making weight.
Maybe I am just too old school, but for a professional not able to do something as simple as making weight, I just cannot respect.

MMA as a whole needs to do something about these unprofessional athletes that cannot make weight.
6/15/08 11:52:48AM

Posted by wolfman

Posted by Raykill

Mixed feelings for me. I think both brothers have great skill and are good fighters. But they really bring the sport down. They act like a couple of no class gangbangers.
MMA has enough issues trying to get the sport mainstreamed so the fighters can make more money on bigger venues. Just no class. I wish they would drop the gangsta act and just fight.

First Diaz misses weight and then tonight's antics, talk about being unprofessional. They need to leave the bad boy antics behind and let their fighting do the talking.

8 or 9 pounds over?!?!?! Disgraceful!! Then he doesn't look that great in the fight last night...and THEN he comes out and makes an A$$ of himself at the end of the night?!?! This makes me dislike him even more than I ever did...

I LOVED how Noons asked the crowd if he deserved a rematch after how he looked in his fight AND they all BOOED!!
6/15/08 12:00:52PM
I like the skill and intensity the Diaz's bring to the cage....but I don't like their BS attitude and gangsta mentality. It sends the wrong message and is bad for the sport. Thats not what MMA is about. EliteXC tries to promote and exploit this mentality and unfortunately there is a percentage of our culture that buys into all the BS. Its a second class organization full of mostly second class fighters that doesn't deserve the exposure.
6/15/08 7:25:37PM
i watched it closely, kj noons dad was the one who started it all, then diaz asked noons if he was afraid, i think then flicked him off, and noons and his dad went after diaz, their lucky they both didn't get hurt,
seems that kj wanted to leave the ring immediately after the fight, he looked nervous, cause he saw diaz coming in. can't wait too see the rematch, bad blood, i hope diaz hurts him
6/15/08 7:46:55PM
I haven't seen the tape, but this shouldn't have been allowed by the promoter. Diaz never should've gotten into the cage, or been able to get in. Trash talk is one thing. This isn't pro wrestling, and that isn't professional. Just adds another reason to hate Nick Diaz. I don't think he's "hurting" the sport the way some would say. But he's an unsportsmanlike crybaby retard (sorry, acts like one) He goes after ppl in the hospital and after their matches? wtf?! Any promoter who would hire him to be on their show is an idiot. I don't care how good he is (he's only good, he's not great). Beating Gomi is gonna wind up being the only worthwhile thing he ever does, and that got taken from him cuz he couldn't pass a drug test.
6/15/08 9:06:12PM
That whole "scuffle" was so staged it ain't even funny. Well I guess it was pretty funny. Oh and Goldberg is horrible as an interviewer, he should go back to wrrastlin'
6/16/08 1:48:34PM
I don't really care for trash talking and the Diaz brothers take a notch even lower than most fighters.
6/17/08 8:49:52AM

Posted by FrankTheTank1181

That whole "scuffle" was so staged it ain't even funny. Well I guess it was pretty funny. Oh and Goldberg is horrible as an interviewer, he should go back to wrrastlin'

I agree.

If you don't think Gary Shaw and EliteXC encouraged this, you're not watching the same thing I watched.

Very lame.
6/17/08 9:02:30AM
is diaz a good fighter? absolutely
is he a true professional? absolutely not
the guy comes in overweight, and not just by a pound or 2, but by 9 lbs, thats a slap in the face to any opponent that busted his a$$ for weeks to make the weight they were supposed to fight at. and the antics after the fight were so typical of diaz, very juvenile and classless. i wont go as far as to say that hes bad for the sport because his adolescent gang sign waving and trash talk will bring in fans(not the ones id like to see, but fans nonetheless), but if espn or any other major sports news outlet were to show what this guy does it wouldnt be a great thing for the sport. and to respond to what someone said about having 20 diazes or crazy horses on the roster i have to disagree, give me a bunch of rich franklins, or fedors any day, not only are these guys good embassadors for the sport, but they also are far superior fighters to the aforementioned guys.
6/17/08 11:23:36AM
Coming in that much overweight was pretty shameful imo. He made even Thiago Alves look respectful for only coming in 4 pounds overweight . And then he had the nerve to call KJ Noons out? I'm sorry if these guys want title shots (diaz, alves), learn how to cut weight properly.

I don't care for disrespectful antics, but I don't mind them being present in mma because it keeps people interested i guess, but they need to be able to back them up by showing they can come in shape, and are dedicated to whatever title they are pursuing.
6/21/08 9:21:53AM
Diaz bros can do their job and thats all that matters in the real world. Yeah coming in at weight problem bothers me too...oh well.

If Elite XC didn't want the Diaz bros in there they would have been stopped by security. And so what if he flipped off Noons daddy. Noons goons were out of line by throwing punches and charging the diaz bros. Bottom line is Noons is scared and he's a fake. Acting out like that and then smiling like nothings wrong. Epitome of a paper champ.
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