Dias vs. Damm at UFC Fight Night 29

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8/15/13 9:21:00PM
Hacran Dias and Rodrigo Damm are set to face off in a Brazil vs. Brazil battle at UFC Fight Night 29 in October.

8/15/13 10:16:43PM
I'll be picking Dias to destroy Damm
8/15/13 11:25:33PM
Dias by destruction
8/15/13 11:54:24PM
Dias is better everywhere. Night night Damm.
8/16/13 12:24:50AM
I got no faith in Damm...Dias all day.
8/16/13 12:37:30AM
Yup. Damm takes a beating in this fight for sure.
8/16/13 11:03:07AM
I think Dais is a lot better also. Not picking the annihbliteration yall are just yet though.
8/17/13 2:46:55AM
Im surprised people are picking Dias by 'utter destruction'. Though, I think Dias does enough to win a clear 30-27 decision - but Dias has usually been more of a positional top game grappler that would hunt for subs if given the chance. He got brained by the power of Wilcox, Melendez, and Blanco.. something Dias definitely does not have, or at least has not shown in his MMA career.

He looked great against Alcantara - however.
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