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8/25/10 2:45:38PM
just got done watchin episodes 1-4 of the 1st season of Dexter(comes on showtime), and i am absolutely hooked. i watched these on a dvd and don't have any of the other episodes.

SSOOOOOOOOOO.........i was wondering if anyone knew of a website that has seasons of diffrent shows, that features Dexter as one of them.

props for a successful site
8/27/10 10:53:26AM
To the OP, they have the first couple of seasons on netflix, but I will send you the link to where I go for shows when I get home from work.
8/27/10 4:58:35PM
Herd this morning about a big fuss involving the Dexter action figure and Toys R us. Supposedly a lot of parents where complaining.
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