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7/27/12 7:22:59PM
When Ben Rothwell had to pull out of his UFC on FOX 4 fight with Travis Browne, Cole (20-9-1 MMA, 2-1 SF) says he was offered the shot. Then a four-year-old run-in with the law that he thought was done and gone came back to bite him.

In June 2008, Cole was arrested in his native Oregon and hit with five sex charges. He pled down to get the charges reduced, paid the price and has since done his best to keep the incident from making its way to the forefront.

"I had the contract in my hand," Cole on Friday told Radio. "I was signing my bout agreement and was printing out the actual UFC contract to fight Travis Browne. As I'm signing it, (my manager) called to say it got (killed) because of my background."

7/27/12 9:31:45PM
Sucks for him, but Browne vs Bigfoot is nice matchup down the road now.
7/27/12 9:59:49PM
Only 5?
7/27/12 10:24:38PM
I hope it gets cleared up as nothing sucks more than getting labeled as something your not. I don't know what the facts are but it sounds like it was just a misunderstanding.
7/27/12 10:58:06PM

Posted by prophecy033

I hope it gets cleared up as nothing sucks more than getting labeled as something your not. I don't know what the facts are but it sounds like it was just a misunderstanding.

It did get cleared up when he plead guilty to assault and harassment (and not the original charges of rape). He admitted to touching a woman inappropriately.

FOX probably has just as much to do with Cole not appearing on their card as Zuffa does.
7/28/12 3:51:10AM
I think this is 100% Zuffa, after letting that Neo-Nazi guy slip through the cracks, they are cracking down. Which sucks for some fighters who want a new life, but this isn't a major sport yet and fighter's are held to a different standard.(unless your mega famous of course)
7/29/12 12:15:01AM
You get piss drunk, your in a club, you smack a girls ass...and all of a sudeen your a sexual predator.

Freaking stupid.
7/29/12 2:16:14PM
I don't want to bash Cole, as it seems like facts are hard to come by with this story. If he really didnt rape anyone, then it sucks he can't fight in the UFC. Now if he did, I think the UFC made the right move by not letting him fight.

It seems like no matter what the UFC does though, it has this negative image. Meanwhile every motherfucker in the NFL got arrested this offseason, and no one gives a fuck. Goddamn hypocrites. There are a ton of low life, piece of shit criminals in the NBA and NFL.

Edit: not saying criminals should be allowed to fight in the UFC, lots of factors come in to play when deciding that. Just saying it sucks when the UFC tries to protect MMA and their brand's image and they still don't get a fair shake with the media.
7/30/12 5:41:02PM
He was charged with first-degree rape, two counts of first-degree sodomy and two counts of first-degree sexual penetration...he pled the charges down...but those are some serious charges. I don't see him ever getting a crack at the UFC.
8/3/12 4:52:32PM
Once again, you are drunk in a club, you smack a girls ass...your a sexual predator. Stupid.

Anybody who goes clubbing on a regular basis, knows that everynow and then you run into a girl on the dance floor thats a freak, and wants to take the bump and grind to the next level. If you go every weekend for an entire year then you may rack up one every other month for like 6 a year...if you only go casually you may only get one of these, or you may never get one...eitehr way its the holy grail of clubbing.

I myself have had only 5 of these instances happen to me, and alot of close calls (but chickened out cuz I wasn't sure she'd allow it). You have to be sure. If you are not then you are getting yourself in trouble.

Anyhow, you are grinding on a girl and you start making out, you slowly let your hands go south and all of a sudden the grinding has turned into a makeout session with over cloths petting...(this is common) everynow and then you feel like this girl will allow you to go further, so you go for it. Now you are on the floor making out, straight up fingering the girl on the dance floor...

Normally this leads to sex later on UNLESS her friends pop in and stop you. Now, for guys its the ultimate sin of friendship to cockblock...if you do it, we may not be friends anymore. For girls, its the ultimate sin of friendship to not cockblock, to allow the girl to leave with the "strange" guy. Completly two ends of teh spectrum here.

Anyhow, if her friends catach you, especially if its a fat friend (lol), they are going to rip you a new asshole and exagertae the situation.

In the case of Devin Cole, a man who hardly ever goes to the club...he went...he got one of these Holy Grail girls...he went for the dirty bird grind, and got caught up. Unfortunately for Devin Cole he was unable to recongnize that the girl he was with was too drunk, most clubbers know that there is a certain level of drunkeness allowed for a girl before you simply feel like a creepo...this girl was too drunk...the fat friends caught Cole basically having sex in the club (which I've done twice ) with a girl that was too drunk to remember Coles name. The next morning the fat friends told the drunken slut (now sober with a kilelr hangover) what happened, and she completly disgusted with herself tried to save face by filing rape charges. Now Cole unfortunately put his number in teh drunk girls phone and was texting her (bad idea, if you don't pull one of these holy grails that same night, leave it alone).

With the testimony of her friends they were able to prove that she was too incompacitated to know what was going on, and Cole basically date raped her in the club.

This is BS. Girls know what they are doing, if they are slutting themselves out drunk that is there fault. You can't remember my name, you don't know what happened? Thats your damn fault not mine. Its not rape. Girls just, they have to save face in front of their friends...being labeled a slut or a whore is like the worst thing for a girl, so its not unusual for them to claim rape to save face.

Devin Cole's only wrong doing is being too unfamiliar withe the social scenes and dos and donts of clubbing, and hooked up with a drunk girl with sober, bitchy, friends.

Sorry Cole, you don't deserve it.

Screw stuck up sluttly bitches with a chip on their shoulders