01/02 Detroit Red Wings vs 1998 Denver Broncos

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POLL: 201/02 Red Wings vs 1998 Broncos
Red Wings 75% (12)
Broncos 25% (4)
9/12/12 1:27:59AM
01/02 Red Wings
The 2001–02 Detroit Red Wings season was the 76th National Hockey League season in Detroit,Michigan. The Wings scored 116 points, winning the Central Division, their third Presidents' Trophy, and home ice throughout the playoffs. The team is considered one of the most talented teams of all time with 10 then future-Hall-of-Famers on the team, as well as a hall of fame coach in Scotty Bowman

1998 Broncos
In 1998 the Denver Broncos had a record of 14–2, second best in the NFL, and won Super Bowl XXXIII. It was John Elway's final season and the season Terrell Davis ran for 2,008 yards, making him only the fourth player to rush for over 2,000 yards in a single season
9/12/12 11:27:51AM
Tough one for me but I went with the Red Wings. This team was the team I always was when I played Hockey Video Games
9/12/12 1:56:43PM
Im a redwings fan that says enough
9/12/12 10:23:11PM
Broncos were 13-0 before their first loss. Which was on the last play of the game. other loss was more of a gimme as they were already locked for home field to the Dolphins who they rematched in the playoffs and won 38-3. This team was loaded.... and I mead loaded

They crushed teams and would play back ups a ton Davis was pulled out of a few games or would have broke the season record holder for most yards.

John Elway
Terrell Davis
Shannon Sharpe
Toney Jones
Rod Smith
Tom Nalen

Neil Smith
Alfred Williams
Bill Romonawski
Trevor Pryce
Steve Atwater

Jason Elam

All those players are HOFers or should be but are getting screwed and not in.

Week Date TV Time Opponent Result Game site Record Attendance
1 September 7, 1998 ABC 7:00 pm MT New England Patriots W 27–21 Mile High Stadium (ABC) 1–0
2 September 13, 1998 FOX 2:00 pm MT Dallas Cowboys W 42–23 Mile High Stadium (FOX) 2–0
3 September 20, 1998 CBS 2:00 pm MT at Oakland Raiders W 34–17 Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (CBS) 3–0
4 September 27, 1998 CBS 11:00 am MT at Washington Redskins W 38–16 FedEx Field (CBS) 4–0
5 October 4, 1998 FOX 2:00 pm MT Philadelphia Eagles W 41–16 Mile High Stadium (FOX) 5–0
6 October 11, 1998 CBS 2:00 pm MT at Seattle Seahawks W 21–16 Kingdome (CBS) 6–0
7 Bye
8 October 25, 1998 CBS 2:00 pm MT Jacksonville Jaguars W 37–24 Mile High Stadium (CBS) 7–0
9 November 1, 1998 CBS 11:00 am MT at Cincinnati Bengals W 33–26 Cinergy Field (CBS) 8–0
10 November 8, 1998 CBS 2:00 pm MT San Diego Chargers W 27–10 Mile High Stadium (CBS) 9–0
11 November 16, 1998 ABC 7:00 pm MT at Kansas City Chiefs W 30–7 Arrowhead Stadium (ABC) 10–0
12 November 22, 1998 CBS 2:00 pm MT Oakland Raiders W 40–14 Mile High Stadium (CBS) 11–0
13 November 29, 1998 ESPN 6:15 pm MT at San Diego Chargers W 31–16 Qualcomm Stadium (ESPN) 12–0
14 December 6, 1998 CBS 2:00 pm MT Kansas City Chiefs W 35–31 Mile High Stadium (CBS) 13–0
15 December 13, 1998 CBS 11:00 am MT at New York Giants L 20–16 Giants Stadium (CBS) 13–1
16 December 21, 1998 ABC 7:00 pm MT at Miami Dolphins L 31–21 Pro Player Stadium (ABC) 13–2
17 December 27, 1998 CBS 2:15 pm MT Seattle Seahawks W 28–21 Mile High Stadium (CBS) 14–2

Round Date TV Time Opponent Result Game site Attendance
Divisional Playoffs January 9, 1999 CBS 2:15 pm MT Miami Dolphins W 38–3 Mile High Stadium
AFC Championship January 17, 1999 CBS 2:15 pm MT New York Jets W 23–10 Mile High Stadium
Super Bowl XXXIII January 31, 1999 FOX 4:25 pm MT Atlanta Falcons W 34–19 Pro Player Stadium
[edit]Season summary
9/12/12 10:43:00PM
The Red Wings went 51-17-10-4 (W-L-T-OTL). They finished 15 points better than the next best team in the league. Finished 2nd in goals for and 3rd in goals against. They went 16-7 in the playoffs on route to winning the cup.

HoFers (in or will be):
Brendan Shanahan
Sergi Federov
Brett Hull
Luc Robitaille
Steve Yzerman
Igor Larionov
Pavel Datsyuk
Chris Chelios
Niklas Lidstrom
Dominik Hasek
Scotty Bowman (head coach)

Those names rival any hockey team ever (except maybe the 83/84 Oilers). They went winless in their last 7 regular season games, but it didnt matter because they had top spot in the league locked up
9/13/12 9:16:01AM
See here's the thing.

The colorado Avs almost beat them in the conference finals. The Broncos didn't even come close to losing in the playoffs.

One thing is for sure. Those Red Wings teams were loaded. Even after the salary cap was added(which killed the avs) they still dominated.