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10/2/08 1:35:13AM
did anyone see tonights episode of destination truth? It a freaky. they went to the haunted forrest near mt. Fuji. a place where people go to commit suicide all the time.
anyone see it?
10/2/08 9:04:54AM
I saw the last 20 minutes. I really don't know what I was watching, though. I didn't get to hear the background on the case.
10/2/08 2:20:12PM
the last part of it sucked. but the 1st half hour was good. (ive only watched the show a couple times). but they found a ghost apparition in the haunted forrest. (its was awesome). and then they found a tent with food only a couple days old amd a machetee (SP?) and good equipment in it. and right around there they found pictures of a girl ripped up and contents of someones wallet. so they figured out someone commited suicide. and they were by a tree and the tree has righting on in about the devel. Pretty bad forreal
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