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3/25/13 3:42:41PM
Despite rumors to the contrary, Melvin Guillard will not be returning to train at Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts.

The UFC lightweight recently announced via Twitter that he has left the Blackzilians and has rejoined the Albuquerque, N.M.-based team.

“I’m no longer a Blackzilian. I went back to where I belong [at] Jackson’s,” Guillard wrote.

However, a source close to the situation confirmed to on Monday that the fighter known as “The Young Assassin” will not be granted access to train with the renowned camp, which he once called home for more than a year and a half. Jackson’s MMA currently houses a bevy of 155-pound talent, from “Fight of the Night” staple Donald Cerrone to up-and-coming Russian prospect Rustam Khabilov. Guillard, meanwhile, has lost four of his last five fights.

“Until it presents a problem as far as my coaching goes, then I’ll deal with it when it comes,” Guillard told in 2011. “I’m my own boss; my coaches work for me, so it’s whatever I choose that I want to do to be successful in this game. I’m going to take those options.”

3/25/13 4:04:16PM
Via Bloodyelbow.

"Guillard apparently didn't check with anyone at Jackson's MMA first and when they heard about it, they took a vote and the gym's leadership was unanimous in spurning Guillard."
3/25/13 6:46:30PM
Melvin is just burning bridges left & right, I wonder how the blackzilians will feel about Melvin prematurely jumping ships early lol. Tristar anyone?
3/25/13 7:53:54PM
I'm surprised Guillard thought they'd welcome him back with open arms, especially when he's lost a lot of stock since leaving the camp. He did what he thought was best for him, and now they're doing what they think will be best for them.
3/25/13 10:55:15PM
Now he had no camp
The guy has no loyalty
3/26/13 1:04:11AM
I guess he shouldn't have bad mouthed them when he left.
3/26/13 10:26:27AM
Well that was awkward.