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2/19/08 12:49:41PM
Despite rumors started recently by Renato Sobral that the Tito Ortiz vs. Ryoto (Lyoto) Machida fight at UFC 84 was off, it has been confirmed by UFC matchmaker Joe Silva that the fight actually is still on and the contracts are signed.

2/19/08 1:37:39PM
I for one am happy to hear that the fight is still on. Machida is a bad ass and he wants this, so I know he's gonna bring it. I'm curious as to see how bad Tito wants it. I've always liked Tito, even if he pisses people off, he has been a great fighter and helped spread the popularity of MMA. I just want to see if he still has the fire to reach the top of the LHW division again (if Dana figures out a way to make amends with Tito, which probably won't happen) or if he is ready to hang up the gloves and go off and make money acting, commentating, doing appearances, etc. I think it's a good, exciting match , no matter what anyone else may think.
2/19/08 4:13:52PM
i've been a big Tito fan for a while now and his last couple fights have just disappointed me. Hopefully all this time hes taken off to rehab his back is going to pay off in this fight against Machida. Lets just hope we see the old Tito that used to come out and obliterate people.
2/19/08 4:23:56PM
Dana and Joe will not take this fight off the card. Dana wants too see Tito lose SOO BAD. the only way i see this fight not happening, is if Tito withdraws, and the way his last couple fights went, he doesn't want to leave the UFC (assuming after this fight his contract won't be renewed) with a Lose and Draw. I still think he has the ability to be Champ. BTW i think Tito will lose, but weirdly i see Tito able to beat Wandy the second time around, and Im pretty sure he can take Rampage. well before i get ahead of myself, he has to beat Machida if any of this is gonna happen.
2/20/08 7:20:35AM
I'm so happy this fight is still on! I've been looking forward to this since I had heard about it.
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