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8/14/09 6:17:50PM
Tamdan McCrory and Thales Leites have been cut from the UFC, despite reports of the contrary.

linky link
8/14/09 6:18:37PM
all this back and forth is just weird...
8/14/09 6:34:57PM
None of this makes sense now.
8/14/09 7:42:43PM
make up your mind already!!
8/14/09 7:46:35PM
What the hell is going on? Dana can't make up his damn mind on whether to cut or keep McCrory and Leites. Flip a coin or something lol. The whole back and forth thing is giving everyone headaches.
8/14/09 7:47:23PM
Fight to see who stays!
8/14/09 8:10:19PM


Fight to see who stays!

yeah seriously, Tamdan wants to move to middle anyway right? haha
8/14/09 9:12:26PM
of course they were cut??? didn't know it was a conspiracy lol
8/14/09 10:03:36PM
I just rewatched the Howard / McCrory fight, and I thought Tamden made the most of a bad LnP situation. He tried a flying triangle once, maybe twice, he had that suplex takedown in the 3rd...I don't know what more the judges wanted as he lost by split dec. If he had won by split decision would he have still been cut???

Leites simply makes Dana mad by just trying to fight his own conservative game. That cut I understand.
8/15/09 1:25:30PM
Good! Glad to see Thales Leites go, that guy is the boringest fighter on the face of the earth.
8/15/09 11:56:50PM
I guess the UFC has to make room for all the former UFC fighters that are coming back to the UFC.
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