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4/20/09 11:39:01AM
Normally a stretch like 3 losses in your last 4 fights gets you cut from UFC. But Jason MacDonald, who is in such a stretch after losing ot Nate Quarry at UFC 97, may be spared Das Boot. Dana White said good things about MacDonald after the event, which suggest he'll probably stick around a bit longer despite this stretch and only being 5-5 in UFC.

4/20/09 12:38:17PM
Im a fan of the athlete, but now have lost 2 bets cuz of him

Wilson Gouveia and Nate Quarry...

4/20/09 12:46:38PM
Macdonald should take a trip to thailand or somthing, or take a year off mma and lock him self in a boxing gym. Dude has horrible at striking, seriously im a better striker.
4/20/09 1:19:48PM
Im alittle suprised and then again not because he has rebounded and got wins.

Lots of finishes as well, whether he wins or loses.
4/20/09 1:30:01PM
He's got tons of potential IMO he just has to have a better game plan against his opponents
4/20/09 1:34:23PM
i didn't think he was in jeoperdy but i think a fight with him and david louiseau might happen next
4/20/09 1:53:09PM
I suggest he works on his stand up, it's awful. God Awful.

His UFC record looks like the results from a lie detector test.
4/20/09 2:16:06PM
I think Mac is safe for awhile, 5-5 not the best but he has won sub of the night like 3 times and Ko of the night once so, win or lose it seems to be a memorable match
4/20/09 4:17:06PM
I'm glad they're not kicking him out yet. Jason's a good fighter. He could be better, but for the calibre of fighter he is, he puts in good work, has good fights, and I would hate to see him get cut. He's one of the few 185 fighters I enjoy watching every chance I can.
4/20/09 5:35:30PM
I will say this, Macdonald has to win his next fight that is without question.
4/20/09 6:30:44PM
Mcdonald is a likeable fighter (similar to Houston Alexander) but a lack of wins in the UFC will see anybody gone given due time. The UFC definately favour some fighters but ultimately its their job and they need to produce results, I hope Jason Mcdonald can pull off a win next time.
4/20/09 7:27:46PM
The only thing mcdonald can really do is learn boxing defense, a lot of people think he will be good if he works his striking but the reality of it is the guy just cannot take a shot, majority of his fights he staggers upon contact, which is a damn shame cuz he has a such a long reach, if he would have just stood up with damien maia and then used that submission defense when damien took him down he coulda won
4/20/09 8:03:25PM
Jmac might not have been cut this time but next? IMO like all of yours is his stand up needs a lot of work. His jits is good. I mean he went toe to toe with Maia and held his own on the ground. That is saying somthing. He also has 3 SOTN honors. His next fight needs to be a victory or hes gone IMO.
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