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1/5/09 8:11:32PM
Despite his recent arrest for second-offense operating a vehicle while intoxicated and eluding after a New Year's Day high-speed police chase, Josh Neer will be permitted to fight Mac Danzig next month as planned.

The Neer-Danzig fight is a co-main event for UFC Fight Night 17 at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Fla.

Mickey Dubberly, CEO of Neer's management team at KO Dynasty, today told ( that the Feb. 7 fight will go on as planned.

"Josh will be fighting Mac Danzig Feb. 7 in the co-main event in Tampa as scheduled," Dubberly stated in an email to "Josh has been training very hard for this fight and is looking forward to putting on a great fight for the UFC and fans. Josh would like to once again thank his family, fans, friends, training partners, UFC and everyone that has supported him through his career."

1/5/09 8:21:48PM
I feel this was the right decision.
1/5/09 8:32:21PM
Well why not they let Rampage fight. Correct decision.
1/5/09 8:47:27PM
That situation just made this fight a lot easier for me to pick. I was having trouble deciding between him and Mac, but I think that this will be too much of a distraction for Neer to overcome.
1/5/09 8:58:08PM
great i mean i totally think he should be punished for being stupid but don't punish the fans for him being dumb.
1/6/09 3:19:23AM
I didn't think they would pull him and it would look bad if they pulled him and let Rampage keep fighting. Plus we don't have all the details of what happened and it may not have been near as bad as the reports claim.
1/6/09 10:05:18AM
How many professional athletes has this happened to? Tons, they get to play. It has no bearing on his livlihood until he makes it a regular occurance or goes to jail. It's a personal matter.
1/6/09 4:06:55PM
good to hear josh neer is a warrior
1/6/09 5:23:54PM
Glad to see he's not getting punished for one mistake.

I just hope this whole incident doesn't act as too much of a distraction for Josh in the build-up to this fight
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