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7/21/09 4:38:38PM
Gegard Mousasi (25-2-1) isn't busy preparing for just one fight; he's getting ready for two.

With an Aug. 1 bout with submission ace Renato "Babalu" Sobral at "Affliction: Trilogy" nearing, Mousasi will also face judoka Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou at DREAM.11 in the Oct. 6 semifinals of the Japanese-based organization's "Super Hulk" tournament.

It's a full schedule against top-tier talent, and Mousasi recently told Radio ( that the unique opportunities he's currently enjoying are precisely why he's not ready to make a bid to compete in the UFC.

"My manager told me that he had spoke to Joe Silva, the matchmaker of the UFC," Mousasi said. "I think that it's a possibility for me to fight (in the UFC) if I want to fight. But the UFC I think would be better for me at a later stage of my career.

7/21/09 5:48:33PM
I think it makes sense for him to weight...there are more than a few decent LHW fights out there that, assuming he keeps winning, will just make his Stock larger when it comes to signing a UFC contract
7/21/09 9:28:19PM
he will win those and whoever is next after those 2 events pass

but I do wonder who he would fight next after that outside of the UFC???? Sobral may be the best competition at that weight class outside of the octagon
7/21/09 9:32:11PM
I think after he beats Sobral and Sokoudju, he should come into the UFC. I don't think there is any other big name LHW fights outside of the UFC for him. I think after those 2 victories his stock will be high and should join the UFC, he should be able to get a pretty good contract.
7/21/09 10:39:51PM
well Lil Nog is floating around out there and that would be a nice feather in his cap as most have him as a top ten...after that its Tito(wherever he ends up) or Matyushenko...then I guess you are right either UFC or move up again to the HW division but that really doesn't seem realistic right now...or even in a year or two he just isn't that big
7/21/09 10:51:26PM
Yeah if he gets past Babalu then I definitely think he should fight Big Nog, if he can beat him I think he belongs in the UFC. Lets see how he does against babalu though first. I think Renato's actually gonna smoke em.
7/21/09 10:53:40PM
I disagree...I've never done one but AV BET????
7/22/09 12:02:50AM
Lets do it! Never believed in the Gegard hype.
7/22/09 5:43:30AM what is involved? As I said I've never done one before
7/22/09 6:41:01AM
Just simple, if u win, u pick my av, if i win, i pick urs for however long you wanna make this avatar bet. how long should the loser where the avatar, a few weeks, month? dont matter to me.
7/22/09 1:37:15PM
two weeks sounds fair to me...
7/22/09 10:01:01PM
Good deal
8/17/09 12:32:45AM
Nothing wrong with getting better before getting in the best org. I think you can land more money that way than working through the UFC.
I wish him and Sheilds would sign soon though.
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