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5/1/12 3:10:58PM
In the immediate aftermath of Jon Jones' recent win over Rashad Evans, we quickly learned that his next title defense would come against decorated veteran Dan Henderson. While no timetable was cemented for the bout, UFC president Dana White said that the upcoming UFC 149 event in Calgary could be a possibility.

One week later, though, we can rule out the July 21 event.

Jones' manager Malki Kawa told MMA Fighting on Monday that the UFC light-heavyweight champion would not be available for the show, which is scheduled exactly three months to the day after Jones' five-round unanimous decision win over Rashad Evans at UFC 145.

"He will not be fighting in July," Kawa said. "It's just probably a little too soon. There's been no timetable yet but July probably isn't going to happen."

5/1/12 3:21:32PM
Phooey. Can't say I blame him though, he's been returning to the cage very quickly after nearly every fight.
5/1/12 3:27:41PM
I bet he still ends up fighting twice more this year. He's on a run right now that no other fighter can ever say they've been on. The best part about all of it is he's very young still and has the ability to fight 3 or 4 times a year without putting too much strain on his body.
5/1/12 4:05:50PM
i suppose he earned a break. he's pretty much cleaned out his division except hendo. i don think gustaphson(to lazy to look up correct spelling) is ready
5/1/12 5:08:22PM
I can see him vs Hendo at 152 in needs a title fight so it will be perfect timing.

I would love to say I saw Hendo live
5/1/12 7:09:48PM
My guess is 151
Everyone is fighting and all titles are on the line these next couple months.

I been thinking about a suitable main event.

I really can't come up with one unless the Ufc makes
Condit defend the belt against Jake vs Martin winner

5/1/12 8:20:03PM
Dudes got the heart of a champion when it comes to fighting and fights more than most champions, he's earned a break.